Apply for waiter/waitress Job at UK Today

Apply for a waiter/waitress Job in UK Grab this opportunity of working as a Waiter or waitress in the city of the UK today. Apply for waiter/waitress Job at UK

Apply for waiter/waitress Job at UK


below are all you need to know about the job.

Apply for waiter/waitress Job at UK worth £11.50 per hour

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Job Details


Birmingham B7,  UK


£9 for an hour

Job type

Full-time, Part-time, Permanent, Fixed term, Freelance.

Number of position for the Role

5 to 10

Apply for waiter/waitress Job at UK: Full job Description

Waitresses earn an average of £6.80 net per hour (£17,100 gross per year), which is £12,500 (42 %) less than the national average wage in the UK. The average starting pay for a waitress is £5. The highest pay rates can go up to £11.50 per hour. Apply for waiter/waitress Job at UK

Etci Mehmet at the city of Birmingham is open to accept a humble and accommodating, someone who has a sharp, memory, is hardworking, at the same time with the ability to hustle, as a waiter or waitress.

someone who will be willingly taking orders and serving food and beverages to guests according to the Company’s standard, in a timely and effective way.

It is a Turkish steakhouse chain where Fantastic Quest service and the highest food standards are the heart of everything that takes place at Etci Mehmet. See also: Special Jobs available in Europe for you today

Etci Mehmet develops the workers to become the future leaders in the Company.  Etci Mehmet is always after a better way to attend the nest quest. Apply for waiter/waitress Job at UK

looking at the Values set aside by Etsy if you possess those qualities then apply for the job Etci Mehmet will welcome you.

The Qualities/values are as follow:

E-    Educative

T-    Theatrical

C-    culture

I-    innovative

You also need the following qualities:


You must have the ability to communicate effectively with kitchen staff, make provision for orders to customers, receive cash, and keep up proper accountability for orders and funds. Apply for waiter/waitress Job at UK

Smart Dressing:

Your dress code as a waiter or waitress has to look smart and professional. If you don’t have a uniform, then you have to wear something that will make you look presentable. With your clothes always clean and ironed, you have to be looking good before the customers.

Physical Ability:

You must have physical stamina as you have to spend almost the whole day standing up and carrying heavy items such as trays, food, high chairs, supplies, child booster seats, and performing other activities that involve physical strength.


You must not be easily irritated by some words customers might throw at you. Apply for waiter/waitress Job at UK

When customers are under alcoholic influence, they can say anything they like without considering the feelings of the waiter or waitress. It is only patience that works in this kind of situation, so you need it as a waiter or waitress if you really want to survive the work.

Good Memory

You need to be retentive, some customers insist on a certain meal without a certain ingredient. Some want lemon in their diet soda, while others want Splenda for their unsweetened tea. you need always remember what a particular customer always needs.

You are also required to remember details about the menu, including seasonal or daily changes.

Basic mathematics

This involves the ability to calculate figures and amounts like percentages, discounts, tips, interest, proportions, and commissions. The skills create room for quick measurement and calculation ability. it is not only every little service that you will have to use a calculator sometimes you have to make use of your mathematical ability.

Find Teachers to tutor you on mathematics

Apply for waiter/waitress Job at UK: Multitasking

You will have the ability to manage several things at once. Sometimes one table will be ordering cocktails at the start of their meal while another may be asking for a soft drink before their own meal so you must keep to Awareness, Bus Tables, Agility, Cleaning, Follow Instructions, Input Orders, Money Handling, Attention to Details, etc.

Just like Each table moves through its own little life cycle from initial seating to paying the check, and it’s critical that waiters and waitresses remain attuned to the status of each table in a given moment.

Team Work:

You must be able to work with the people in the Company without grudges and discrimination. you have to collaborate with your colleagues to help them do their job. This mostly happens when the restaurant is busy with people and more hands are needed to help serve customers. Apply for waiter/waitress Job at UK

And some other good qualities you need to possess in other to work successfully at ETCI Mehmet.

Apply for waiter/waitress Job at UK

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Apply for waiter/waitress Job at UK: Your Duties as a Waiter/waitress at ETCI Mehmet

Work with the “Helpers” to maintain restaurant standards and ensure the section is ready to take on new guests.

Provide excellent customer service to everyone who visits the  restaurant

Take all payments from the guests; you are completely accountable for all processed payments.

Take accurate food and drink orders using a POS system and communicate order details to the kitchen staff as needed. Apply for waiter/waitress Job at UK

Clear away dirty plates, glassware, flatware and linens, and clean tables after diners have finished

Greet and communicate with all guests in a welcoming and courteous manner. And also

Serve food and drink orders to guests.

Present and pour wine selections with the appropriate stemware

Perform a “check back” on every course.

Check-in with diners to make sure they are enjoying their meals and correct any problems.

Inform guests about restaurant customer loyalty programs, or any other specials and promotions.

Check customer’s IDs if necessary to assure they are of legal drinking age. Available waiter/waitress jobs in England

Perform food preparation duties such as preparing salads, appetizers, and cold dishes, portioning desserts, and brewing coffee.


Achieve excellent guest experience.

To promote Business and ensure that service standards are maintained.

Ensure the security and safety of guests.

To ensure that good service is rendered to all the guest that comes to the Restaurant.

achieve supreme and best restaurants in the whole of Birmingham in the UK.


English (preferred)

Day shift (preferred)

Night (preferred)


16  – 35 hours per week





working fewer hours; since the work is on shift, you will have time for yourself and other things. At the same time receive your salary of a day job.

Find a waiter job in UK 

You earn your unfailing salary every week or day.

Good option as the second job; You can still have other jobs that your time permits

always fit; Since you are always on errands, walking, and running, from different customers to another. you will not have to go to the gym after all this exercise.

Discount, on food; since you are working in a company there will be little Discount on your food when you want to buy.

Apply for waiter/waitress Job at UK


Apply for waiter/waitress Job at UK: COVID-19 PRECAUTIONS:

Remote interview process

social distancing guidelines in place

sanitation disinfection or cleaning procedures in place.

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