Apply for Warehouse Worker/order Puller at Moorestown

Apply for Warehouse Worker/order Puller at Moorestown: A warehouse worker is a skilled worker who works for a company that stores and processes orders or products.

He or she  is in charge of receiving and processing incoming stock, as well as picking and managing orders from warehouse stock. 

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C.R. Laurence Co., Inc.

Apply for Warehouse Worker/order Puller

Moorestown started as a fledgling distributor of glazier’s hardware and industrial supplies over 50 years ago.

Today it is the largest manufacturer and Distributor of custom hardware products and supplies to the glass and glazing industry in the whole of North America.

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Apply for Warehouse Worker/Order Puller

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Though the company has over a century of experience in the industry. It is a premier supplier of the architectural constructions and automotive industries. Apply for Warehouse Worker/order Puller at Moorestown

The company offers more than 60,000 hardware component products including architectural railing, all-glass, entrance hardware, exit devices, storefront hardware, commercial doors, custom cladding, balanced doors, and frameless shower door hardware.

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The Headquartered is in Los Angeles, California.

The company has eight manufacturing/engineering centers and 28 service centers across the U.S. and Canada.

And other more six operations in the United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, and Australia.

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The Company designs and manufactures a wide range of engineered hardware products, that are required by professional glaziers and glass shops to complete the installation of architectural glass in both commercial and residential markets. Apply for Warehouse Worker/order Puller at Moorestown

Today  Los Angeles Business Journal recognizes CRL as one of the top 100 Fastest-growing Private Companies.

Ted Hathaway, CEO, Oldcastle Building Envelope® said: “CRL is a true American success story.

CEO Don Frieze has built an extraordinary organization that has enjoyed exceptional growth.

Details about apply for a warehouse worker/order puller 

In CRL’s online catalogs there is a lot of extensive selection of architectural hardware for the construction of beautiful ‘all-glass storefronts and entrances with their patented Wedge-Lock, Door Rails, and an impressive line of Storefront Hardware.


Apply for Warehouse Worker/order Puller at Moorestown: CRL  focuses on expanding opportunities for all. With over 50 years of experience and a track record in the industry.

The company built hard-earned trust with its customers. At the same time have learned what matters most to them and put that knowledge to work.

The companies success has earned it an honorable partner, and with the mission of gaining more partners all over the world.   

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As a full-service provider, the customers rely on the company every day to help them realize their ambitions and achieve greater success.

Apply for Warehouse Worker/order Puller at Moorestown: C.R. Laurence Co., Inc. products

Decorative Metal Railings, Thermal, and Moisture Protection, Roofing and Siding Panels, Wall Panels, Composite Wall Panel, Joint Sealant, Metal Doors, Aluminum Doors, Sliding Glass Doors, Special Function Doors, Security Doors, and Frames. Apply for Warehouse Worker/order Puller at Moorestown

Folding Doors and Grilles, Folding Doors, Pressure Resistant Doors, Blast Resistant Doors, Entrances Storefronts. Work in USA today

and Curtain Walls, Entrances and Storefronts, All Glass Entrances and Storefronts, Entrances, All Glass Entrances, Balanced Door Entrances, Storefronts, All Glass Storefronts, Sliding

Storefronts, Metal Windows, Stainless Steel Windows, Special Function Windows, Pass Windows, Service and Teller Window Units, Hardware, Door Hardware.

Apply for Warehouse Worker/order Puller at Moorestown: More C.R. Laurence co., Inc. products below

Automatic Door Operators, Security Door Hardware, Access Control Hardware, Window Hardware, Special Function Hardware, Hardware Accessories, Mirrors, Plastic Glazing. Apply for Warehouse Worker/order Puller at Moorestown

Glazing Accessories, Special Function Glazing, Ballistics Resistant Glazing, Specialties, Display Cases, Directories, Interior Specialties Toilet Bath

And Laundry Accessories, Toilet Accessories, Bath Accessories, Tub and Shower Doors, Laundry Accessories, Exterior Specialties, Exterior Protection. Find the job description template here

Exterior Sun Control Devices, Protective Covers, Grilles and Screens, Security Mirrors and Domes, Equipment, Pedestrian
Control Equipment, Pedestrian Gates, Vault Equipment, Teller and Service Equipment, Teller Equipment Systems, Package Transfer

Units, Security Equipment, Deal Drawers, Food Dispensing Equipment, Bar Equipment, Service Line Equipment, etc.

Apply for Warehouse Worker/order Puller at Moorestown: Your duties as a warehouse worker/order puller

  • Operating forklifts and other warehouse machinery to stack items and prepare orders for shipping.
  • Following warehouse safety procedures for the operation of equipment, such as wearing proper clothing, safe food handling, and maintaining awareness
  • Communicates stock needs and discrepancies to appropriate personnel
  • Communicates challenges inhibiting accurate and timely order pulling process
    Responsible for participating in yearly inventory as required
    listen effectively and follow instructions
  • Placing the prepared orders in the correct dock slips for loading onto shipping trucks.
  • Ensure that the correct number and type of product is loaded and shipped
    Keeping the warehouse clean and organized at all times.
  • Keep records of completed orders
  • Re-stock inventory manually or with warehouse equipment
    Maintain equipment and report on malfunctions
    Receive and check incoming pick tickets
    The above list is not the only duties you expected to follow up on other duties as they may arise.



In order to satisfactorily carry out this job, you must possess certain requirements. below is the necessary requirement to be Qualify for the Job.

  1. Basic Computer skills.
  2. Good physical strength and stamina
  3. High school diploma or equivalent is preferred
  4. Able to read and write in English
  5. Ability to work independently
  6. Experience in a warehouse job, and/or order pulling is preferred
  7. Basic mathematic skills
  8. Good mechanical skills to operate machinery and equipment.
  9. Great attention to detail

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You should maintain proper ergonomics when working at a workstation to avoid injuries on the hand, neck, or back. Apply for Warehouse Worker/order Puller at Moorestown

Work environment

Duties may involve being in a warehouse environment where noise levels can be moderate to high and be subject to the same general climate conditions of the region (heat, cold, humidity, etc.).

Chemicals, dust, pollen, and other typical airborne particulate matter are present within the atmosphere of the warehouse floor and may create some odors in the warehouse.

The Company, in an effort to provide its employees with a safe and healthy working environment, limits exposure to chemicals through written procedures, engineering controls, and PPE.

While the chemical exposure and odors are under acceptable levels set by OSHA and the WCB, they nevertheless, can be smelled and are handled according to the company’s hazardous communication program.


The job description does not constitute an employment contract between the employer and the employee, As it may change as the need arises. Apply for Warehouse Worker/order Puller at Moorestown

What the company offers you
Health and wellness program.

Medical, dental, and disability benefits programs.

Group retirement savings program.

plus another benefit you will et from the company that is not mentioned here. There is life insurance for you as a worker.

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