Arkwright scholarship- Engineering scholarship

The Arkwright scholarships are awarded by the Smallpeice Trust each year to high-achieving 16-year-old students who want to pursue a career in engineering. As a result, qualified students are encouraged to apply while the application process is still open.

Arkwright scholarship

More information about the Arkwright Engineering Scholarships can be found here.
The Arkwright Engineering Prize is the most distinguished engineering scholarship in the UK. Its mission is to inspire and motivate school-aged youth to pursue careers in engineering as future leaders in the country.

The Scholarships are given to top-performing 16-year-old students who have passed a rigorous selection process. Following that, these chosen students will be supported for the next two years of their A levels, Scottish Advanced Highers, or similar credentials.

Arkwright scholars are supported in a variety of ways, as each scholarship is sponsored by a different group. A commercial company, trade association, university, professional institution, military service, government agency, respected company, charity trust, or individual benefactor provides these sponsorships.

The following are some of the ways Arkwright scholars are supported:

  • hands-on/practical work experience is quite valuable.
  • assistance with their curricular project, as well as
  • a personal mentor who can assist them with academic and career preparation issues.

Studying at this level/in this field

The Arkwright Scholarship is for high school seniors or 16-year-old students who want to pursue a career in engineering.

Nationality of the Host

The Smallpeice Trust (a registered charity) in the United Kingdom offers Arkwright Engineering Scholarships.

Nationality Requirements

The Arkwright Trust Engineering Scholarship is available to citizens and permanent residents of the United Kingdom.

Worth of a Scholarship

Arkwright Engineering Scholarships can assist students in pursuing careers in engineering, computing, or technical design in the future.

  • Scholarship with National Recognition
  • Personal financial prize of £600
  • a £400 financial reward for the school
  • Personal growth is important.
  • Sponsorship assistance
  • Engineering experience days in the workplace
  • VIP Receptions at Universities
  • National tournaments are notified in advance.
  • Make friends with students who share your interests.

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Eligibility for Arkwright Engineering Scholarships

The ‘brightest and best’ pupils with the desire and determination to excel in their future studies and careers are sought by Arkwright.
The Arkwright Engineering Scholarship program is the most distinguished of its kind in the United Kingdom.
The curriculum recognizes and encourages intrinsic curiosity as well as a desire to excel in a career in engineering. Our successful applicants will receive additional support and funding during their Sixth Form years, as well as the chance to apply for an Arkwright Undergraduate Scholarship worth up to £12,000 when they attend university. There are some questions that have been answered about the Arkwright scholarship.

Is there anyone who has applied for the Arkwright scholarship?

Do you have any information on the success rate of applications, for example? How many people apply in the country, and how many of them are called to an interview after taking the aptitude test?

I’m not sure if I want to pursue engineering, but it’s something I’ve thought about because it involves two of my favorite subjects: physics and math. So, considering its status and all, this would be a fairly fantastic thing to have under my belt (plus the fact that it provides work experience and a good sum of money to just spend on physics books )

BUT, if I am awarded the scholarship and complete the two-year program before deciding that I do not want to pursue engineering at university, would I be deprived of my certificate and qualification and lose the privilege to refer to myself as an Arkwright scholar? Would they also demand the money back? It doesn’t seem fair, given how people’s thoughts change all the time, so if that’s the case, I’m hesitant to continue, even if I do get in. Here is a page on the Arkwright scholarship website, that can help you check the probability of being accepted.

The exact figures vary from year to year, however here are the figures for the 2013 cycle. Last year, over 1300 applications were received for 371 scholarships, resulting in a 30 percent total acceptance rate – but keep in mind that those that apply are typically already academically accomplished. I don’t have the figures on the interview acceptance rate, but from what I recall, the aptitude pass rate is around 50% and the interview pass rate is approximately 65%.

It’s worth noting that Arkwright does not automatically grant you Work Experience. You’re given a link to a company that specializes in engineering. You are not ‘guaranteed’ work experience, but they are quite likely to be able to provide it. However, there are other advantages to being an Arkwright Scholar, so I strongly suggest it.

If you’re given an Arkwright scholarship, you’ll have it for the rest of your life. While the vast majority of Arkwright scholars pursue careers in engineering, this is mostly due to the fact that in order to be considered for the scholarship in the first place, you must demonstrate a significant interest in the subject. However, some scholars pursue careers in other fields. In terms of money, it’s a bit of a gamble. After a year, Arkwright conducts a review of your progress to assess your development. Technically, if you tell them you’re not interested in engineering and instead want to study History or something else, they have the right to refuse to support you for the second year (remember, it’s a corporation paying for this, and they don’t benefit if you don’t go into Engineering). However, I seriously doubt that this will happen. I’m an Arkwright scholar who has chosen against pursuing a career in pure engineering. However, they are quite happy with me going into Geophysics, which is a related field.

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To be eligible for the scholarship, you must meet the following requirements:

Be a student at an Arkwright Engineering Scholarships-affiliated school or college.

You must be in year 11 (England and Wales), S4 (Scotland), or year 12 (Northern Ireland) and preparing to take GCSEs, Scottish National 5s, IB Standards, BTEC level 2s, or similar.

Have a strong desire to work in the engineering field (which includes computing and technical aspects of design).

Also, when they apply, you must be in the school year in which you will take your GCSEs, Scottish National 5s, International Baccalaureate Standards, BTEC level 2s, or equivalent exams.

Make the decision to study Maths at A level (England, Wales, and Northern Ireland).

Ireland) or Advanced Higher (Ireland) (Scotland)

Plan to spend two years studying A levels, BTEC level 3 Diploma/Extended Diploma, Scottish Advanced Highers, or the International Baccalaureate higher level at a school or sixth form college.

In addition, see Section 2, pages 5 and 6 of the Arkwright Engineering Scholarship Handbook for a complete list of eligibility requirements.

How to Obtain an Arkwright Scholarship

Before applying for a scholarship, an applicant’s school must be affiliated with the Arkwright Scholarships Trust. If none exist, have your teacher fill out the school affiliation form. Affiliation is also quick, easy, and completely free.

You must also apply during year 11 (England and Wales), S4 (Scotland), and year 12 (Scotland) as an applicant (Northern Ireland). The Scholarship, however, will be provided once you begin year 12 (England and Wales), S5 (Scotland), or year 13 (Northern Ireland) to study subjects that will prepare you for a university degree or higher-level apprenticeship and career in Engineering, computers, or technical design.

Regardless, each student’s application must be paid a £40.00 administration fee by April to support the expense of Arkwright’s rigorous screening procedure.

These fees may be paid by the applicant’s school or parents, depending on local circumstances (which are not under the control of Arkwright Scholarships.). Teachers must also decide how they will pay these fees. Arkwright online Application link

Process of Selection

There are five stages to the Arkwright Trust Engineering Scholarship selection process:

The Arkwright Online Student Application is the first stage.

Between September and December, an online student application must be approved by a teacher. APPLICATION ONLINE

Student Aptitude Exam (Stage 2)

In February, a two-hour student aptitude exam will be held. EXAMINATION OF APTITUDE

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stage 3: Interview with Arkwright


Those who pass stages 1 and 2 will be invited to a 20-minute interview at a university in April or May. INTERVIEW

Sponsorship by Arkwright (Stage 4)

If you meet the Arkwright Standard, they will try to link you with a sponsoring organization so that an Arkwright Engineering Scholarship can be awarded to you between May and September.

Stage 5: The Arkwright Awards

The Scholarship is presented during prominent Awards Ceremonies in October/November in London and Edinburgh. CEREMONY OF AWARDS

It’s worth noting that demonstrating your practical ability through the completion of technical tasks at school or at home is a crucial aspect of every application.

Examples of Arkwright Scholarship Practical Projects can be found by clicking on the link below.


The application deadline has passed.

Typically, applications are accepted from September to December. The following are the key dates for the 2022 Arkwright Scholarships:


On or before the 18th of December, teachers must submit student nominations using the portal.

Application over the internet

By the 16th of January, students must submit completed online applications to teachers via the portal.

Submission from the teacher

By the 23rd of January, teachers must submit full applications to Arkwright via the portal.

Examination of aptitude

The aptitude exam will be held on the 5th of February in the afternoon.


Interviews are scheduled for April and May.


The administration charge must be paid by April 24th.


Apply Arkwright for Arkwright Scholarship


Apply Arkwright for Arkwright Scholarship


Apply Arkwright for Arkwright Scholarship


Apply Arkwright for Arkwright Scholarship

Click on the following link for additional information on the Arkwright Scholarship, projects, interviews, and more:

Frequently asked Question

What is an Arkwright Engineering Scholarship, and what does it entail?

An Arkwright Engineering Prize is the most distinguished engineering scholarship in the UK. Its mission is to inspire and motivate school-aged youth to pursue careers in engineering as future leaders in the country.

When is the deadline for submitting an application for the Arkwright scholarship?

Arkwright Scholarships are given to exceptional students who apply when they are in year 11 (England and Wales), S4 (Scotland), or year 12 (England and Wales) (Northern Ireland).

What is the minimum age for students to apply?

Students between the ages of 15 and 16 who are taking all or the majority of their GCSEs or Scottish National 5s are eligible to apply.

Year 11 (England and Wales), S4 (Scotland), and year 12 (Scotland) are the most common options (Northern Ireland).

When will students be able to apply online?

Each academic year, the application window for online student applications opens in September and closes in December. The exact dates, however, fluctuate slightly from year to year.

What is the cost of a student application?

Each application for a student was £40.00.

What is the procedure for paying the application fee?

All applications that have been endorsed by the teacher are invoiced and delivered to the school for payment. Schools, on the other hand, are free to charge the cost to parents.

What is the procedure for withdrawing a student’s application?

If a student has not yet started their application, teachers can remove them from the site. Teachers should simply not submit a nominated student’s application to Arkwright if the student has begun to apply.

If a teacher has already submitted a student’s application to Arkwright through the online application system, the teacher must notify Arkwright of his or her desire to remove the student by email by midnight on the January application deadline.

Also, any applicant who does not take the Aptitude Exam and for whom the teacher or candidate has not given previous notice of withdrawal by the January deadline will be charged the entire amount of £40.00.

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When and where should you take the Aptitude Exam?

In most cases, the Exam must be taken in your school on the afternoon of the first Wednesday in February, under national exam circumstances.

The Exam should not be taken at home under any circumstances.

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