Atlantic International University Admission Free for all – Apply now

Atlantic International University Admission

Atlantic International University Admission Free for all - Apply now

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Atlantic International University’s goal is to inspire its students to define their purpose in life, mission, and legacy while integrating the 17 UNESCO 2030 goals.

Atlantic International University seeks the evolution of each student through the student’s program at Atlantic International University, which serves as a bridge that allows the students to reach their full potential and achieve their dreams.

What Atlantic International University Does:

Atlantic International University offers distance learning degree programs for adult learners at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels. The AIU Virtual Campus provides students with access to their program, the online research library, academic & support staff, and academic resources at any time from any place, work, home, or other.

The University’s online programs are self-paced and follow an open curriculum. Instead of a pre-defined course list, the student and academic department set forth a path uniquely tailored to the needs, interests, opportunities, and real-world demands that surround each student.

Online Degree Programs and Majors Available in AIU:

AIU offers a wide range of majors in areas including the Arts, Business, Science, Technology, Social, and Human studies. More than 120 degrees and programs are available to suit your interests.

Bachelor Programs

  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Business
  • Bachelor of Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science

Masters Programs

  • Masters of Arts
  • Business
  • Masters of Engineering
  • Masters of Science

Doctoral / PhD Programs

  • Doctor of Arts
  • Business
  • Doctor Engineering
  • Doctor of Science

Post Doctorate

  • Post Doctorate of Arts
  •  Business
  • Post Doctorate of Science
  • Post Doctorate of Engineering

Admission Requirements:

Certificate’s Program:

High School Diploma or its equivalent plus 1 year of field/life experience.

Associate’s Programs: 

High School Diploma or its equivalent plus 1 year of field/life experience.

Bachelor’s Level Degree Programs: 

High School Diploma or its equivalent plus 2 years of field/life experience.

Master’s Level Degree Programs: 

Bachelor’s Degree plus 3 years of field/life experience.

Doctorate Level Degree Programs:

 Master’s Degree plus 5 years of field/life experience.

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Post-Doctorate Level Degree Programs:

Doctoral Degree plus 5 years of field/life experience.

Field/Life experience requirements must be in the designated degree program major or a closely related field


Upon acceptance of the student’s application by the Academic Committee, the Admission’s Office will contact the applicant with the results of the student evaluation and the basis of acceptance. Notification of acceptance and student affirmation of the acceptance allow student enrollment to the university. Enrollment fees are due upon enrollment. Atlantic International University is an equal opportunity institution. AIU does not discriminate on the basis of sex, religion, race, age, nationality, or ethnic origin.

Become a Student

It’s not difficult to become an AIU student. Simply follow the steps below, or call an Admissions Counselor at 1-800-993-0066 (Toll-Free in the US) 1-808-924-9567 (Internationally) to walk you through the process.

1: Review AIU’s degree programs to determine which specialization will further your career goals?

2: Review the tuition and fees associated with the courses or degree program you’re considering, as well as payment options.

3: Check the Admission Requirements to determine whether or not you are eligible to be admitted to an AIU degree program.

4: Complete the online application (link to Apply Online) form by clicking on the Apply On-Line link on this website. Paste your resume in the space provided or fax to:1-808-947-2488.

About Atlantic International University 

Atlantic International University exists as an institution of experiential learning and non-traditional education at a distance. There are no classrooms and attendance is not required.

What makes it unique is the combination of a student “self-instruction” approach (with guidance), the collaborative development of a curriculum that is unique to each student, and the flexibility of time and place of study. This provides what is considered to be the ideal learning environment.

It is created with the purpose of satisfying individual needs and providing personal development for each student.

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AIU Service

The Primary goal at Atlantic International University is to accommodate students by meeting their individual needs. For this reason, AIU degree programs are flexible and have been designed for accelerated completion.

AIU programs encourage students to demonstrate competency through independent learning as well as reading and research in their field of study.

AIU offers educational opportunities in the United States to students from around the world in an effort to propel them to discover their best selves by using their own potential to manage their personal, global, and cultural development. This is actualized through the evaluation of their credentials towards a Bachelor’s, a Master’s, or a Doctorate degree, and this also implies capability for sustainable results-based performance.

The foundational axis of such a philosophy rests on self-actualized knowledge and information, which is embedded into a distance learning system based on ANDRAGOGY and OMNIOLOGY.

The Ultimate Goal

The ultimate goal of this paradigm is to empower learners to take advantage of the enormous array of resources from the world’s environment, in an effort to eliminate the current continuum of poverty and limitations.

To this end, students are able to convert their past into a self-propelled growth module that is constantly on the move. This module veers from the accredited, traditional systems that foster limitations and an old way of teaching. Everything takes place in a setting that fosters diversity, with more than 10 million full texts and approximately 47 million bibliographic references in more than 400 languages.

Advisors and consultants with doctorate degrees and specializations in Human Development monitor our learning processes. Additionally, a worldwide web of colleagues and associations in different academic areas work together so that they can reach the satisfaction and the progress of humanity with peace and harmony.

Why you should study at AIU:


The Virtual Campus and MYAIU platform bring online learners closer to the university than ever before. Students are able to participate in the learning from the comfort of their homes or offices.


AIU strives to make you more than a University student or even a university graduate. We seek to improve the human condition of each student through a holistic approach that goes beyond just academics. Use the platform to share things with fellow students that you think can help improve their lives.


Each student has a Personal Tutor and an Academic Advisor allocated to help guide him or her through the program.


AIU has what they call MYAIU; MYAIU strives to go beyond just academics by addressing the 11 elements that affect the human condition thereby following a more holistic approach to education.

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Some of the Elements in MYAIU:

MYAIU has over 10 elements targeted towards making AIU unique to students. A few of the elements are:

MYAIU Energy 

This is designed to motivate students, it allows them to access activities and information to learn from and apply to their lives including learning different ways to keep a positive attitude and maintain happiness in their lives.


The purpose is to aid students to keep the right balance of mind and body: Students through MYAIU Body learn how to keep themselves in the best possible shape inside and out. MYAIU body also motivates the community to adopt a positive lifestyle for a stronger, healthier, and more resilient body.

MYAIU Spirit

This element teaches students to unite for a common goal, to find their purpose in life, to express themselves, to listen, and to respect others. Students are able to learn spiritual practices that quiet the mind and bring about an inner state of peace or harmony through MYAIU Spirit.


MYAIU money teaches students how to manage their wealth and future. It motivates students to utilize the wealth of available financial advice given to them in order to live abundant and prosperous lives.

MYAIU Research 

In AIU,  there are numerous research opportunities made available to students for a brighter future: MYAIU research is designed to motivate and connect with students and the AIU community to grow and develop projects and ideas with the support of sponsors or mentors either via the AIU social media platform (AIU Link) or the academic staff.

and many more…

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Other Interesting Reasons you should study in AIU:

Graduates of AIU get instant employments from big companies all over the world.

AIU Graduates are hired by leading companies in their fields due to the fact that employers are looking for excellent professionals with amazing human skills, most AIU graduates count on vast experience in their professional field and are always improving with a self-education basis learned at AIU.

Some of the main companies are:

 General Motors



 Coca-Cola Company



U.S. Army






 NBC Universal



 Astra Zeneca



 many more…

AIU has a virtual campus:

The AIU Virtual Campus provides students with sufficient tools to ensure their success. Every AIU student is assigned a tutor and an academic advisor to guide them during their academic journey.

Once a student logs into the Student Section of the AIU Virtual Campus; communications and assignments can be sent directly to the academic advisor for evaluation.

The AIU virtual campus has Student services, the Student Services and AIU staff answers questions in real-time via the chat tool or within 24 -48 hours via communication tool to ensure student progress is constant.

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