Belgium Student Loan : How to Fund your Studies and Cost of Living

Despite the fact that Belgium is separated into three communities, there is little variation in tuition prices across the country. Tuition fees are generally reasonable, however they can reach up to 2000 Euros in some cases.

As a result, living costs in Europe are on the average, however they can vary based on location. Aside from public funding and scholarships, there are other tax perks for students when it comes to financing their studies.

Study Expenses

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Tuition Fees

The simplest way to figure out how much it costs to study in a Belgian university or college is to look at the three primary linguistic communities: Belgium French, Belgium German, and Belgium Flemish.

The topic of tuition costs is more or less the same in all of these places, but there are some distinctions. The most obvious feature of Belgian tuition fees is that they are extremely low when compared to those in other countries, thanks to the government’s considerable subsidies.

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Fees in the Belgian French community are regulated by the community administration and cannot exceed 837 €, plus a 374 € intermediate charge.

Fees imposed by universities and non-university high education institutions, on the other hand, differ substantially. Students must also pay additional costs relevant to the courses they are taking, but these prices are rigorously regulated and never exceed 2,000 €.

The tuition fees in the other towns comply to the requirements of community government policy, also not losing sight of the generosity of government subsidies.

Living expenses

Belgium’s cost of living is comparable to the rest of the industrialized world, but with significant savings on the cost of education, students are better able to manage their own welfare while studying.

Cities, like everywhere else in the world, are more expensive than rural areas, but the all-inclusive cost of living is far lower than that of other affluent countries.

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The monthly cost of living in Belgium is between 550 and 650 €, which covers housing, food, utility bills, and travel.

Financing your Studies as a Student In Belgium

Support from the general public

The question of finance studies can be properly addressed by once again examining the situation in the three primary communities.

Students with low incomes under the age of 35 are eligible for state assistance in the Belgian French Community. Student subsidies in the Belgian German community are proportionate to needs and are made available through the social security system.

They range from 362 to 2,469 € each year. In the Belgian Flemish community, grants are based on need, with eligibility decided by parental income and the student’s academic achievement. The grants typically range from 250 to 3,840 euros.

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Families are also granted allowances to supplement their meager salaries. The monthly allowance in the Belgian French community is 88 €, however it varies according to the number of children in the family.

To be eligible for the allowance, a student must not work except during the summer holidays and must not work more than 240 hours every quarter.

In most cases, the allowance is given to the mother, but in her absence, it is given to the person who truly supports the student. In terms of family allowances, the Belgian German and Belgian Flemish communities have the same rules.

Another key issue that needs to be addressed is the benefits of tax breaks. Families in all three areas receive highly large tax benefits, however the amounts vary from one town to the next.

The non-taxable income level grows with each dependent child in the Belgian French community, ranging from 1,400 € for one kid to 3,590 € for the second child, 8,050 € for the third child, 13,020 € for the fourth child, and 4,970 € for each subsequent child.

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The tax advantages for the other two communities are nearly identical.


In Belgium, the civil authorities, namely the Flemish and French-speaking authorities, such as the Flemish Department of Education, are the primary sponsors for student academic pursuits.

Student grants and scholarships are also available from universities. Other sources of local funding for students’ academic studies include the prestigious and well-known Erasmus mobility scholarships and the Erasmus Mundus awards.

Many UN agencies come to the fore when it comes to international student finance, with UNESCO leading the way, closely followed by the WHO and the FAO.

NATO and the EU emerge from outside the UN to assist in the distribution of income to people pursuing bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees in Belgian higher education institutions.

Students Loans

Loans are available in the Belgian French community for families with a minimum of three dependent children, but in practice, very few students take out loans.

The considerable subsidies granted to academic institutions, grants, family allowances, and tax breaks eliminate the need for students to take out loans, which simply add to their financial burden in terms of repayments.

Students in the Belgian German community are permitted to borrow 1,000 € for the first cycle of study and 1,500 € for the second cycle.

The interest rate on the loan ranges from 0% to 3%, depending on the student’s income. After graduation, loans should be repaid in full within three years. In the Belgian Flemish community, there are no provisions for loans.

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Job opportunities for students

Students who intend to work while attending university or college are subject to particular laws in all localities. Students are allowed to work during their summer vacations, but not for more than 240 hours per quarter.

When Is A Student Loan Necessary?

Even when you think you’ve figured out your financial needs and budgeted properly, studying abroad can be overwhelming at times.

There may be unforeseen events that force you to spend more than you had planned; in these cases, you may want financial assistance, which is where student loans come into play.

In Belgium, how do student loans work?

Citizens can obtain low-interest student loans, and there are numerous scholarships that citizens can apply for to help with their financial circumstances while studying, albeit some programs have specified prerequisites. Studying in rural areas is less expensive than studying in cities.

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Many banks have gotten into arrangements with colleges to provide loans to students in Belgium.

What do I need in order to get a student loan in Belgium?

There are a few prerequisites you may be asked to supply before you may receive such loans, depending on which university or banks you have selected to seek information from. These requirements include;

  • Passport
  • Identification of a student
  • Accounts statement

Is there a Requirement for a Minimum Amount?

Some banks want to know the breakdown of your tuition fees to ensure that the price does not change, while others prefer to hand out small loans for rent, tuition, and other little expenses.

Most banks set their own repayment plans and interest rates; interest rates as high as 9.2 percent have been seen with repayment plans starting six months after studies.

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