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Box Real Estate was established with the goal of providing our customers and the communities we work with in Oregon with the best possible service and value.

Box Real Estate brokers approach their work with an attitude of abundance.

We are continually exchanging information, refining our strategies, and assisting one another in order to take our games to the next level.

Not only in the realm of real estate and business, but also in other aspects of life, including our experiences and the connections we maintain.

Box Real Estate

How do I buy a home at Box Real Estate?

Are you ready to get the ball rolling on the purchase of your very first home?
The staff at BOX will assist you in navigating all of the steps involved in purchasing a property, including the listing, viewing, and documentation phases.

Purchasing a home may be every bit as exciting as it is overwhelming at times.
Allow the BOX team to be your guide as you make your way toward becoming a homeowner in the greater Portland area.

The process of purchasing a property can be fraught with anxiety, but BOX is here to assist you!

In the beginning of the process, when we meet with your mortgage professional, that mortgage professional will help provide you with a good faith estimate of ALL costs you can reasonably expect if you were to purchase a property at the price you are planning for.

This estimate will help you prepare a budget for the purchase of the property.
We are also able to check with title companies that we may work with the amount of money that you should expect to pay in closing expenses in the event that we work with them to purchase your house and other related information.

How do I sell a home at Box Real Estate?

In Portland, the market for sales may be rather cutthroat. 
When you list your house with BOX, you are partnering with team that will provide support and work to ensure that your property is sold using plan that will provide returns. 
While you focus on the next stage of your life, why don’t you let us take care of the selling for you?
The market is really competitive these days! 
It is in your best interest to work with BOX Professional who is familiar with the local area and who can assist you in developing listing strategy that will help you achieve the highest possible price for your house. 
As you work with BOX Real Estate Brokers to sell your house and transition into the next phase of your life, you can trust that we will always have your best interests in mind and do all in our power to protect them.

13 Frequently asked questions about Box Real Estate

Often people have numerous questions they wish to have an answer for about Box Real Estate.

We have carefully taken out some of these questions and provided suitable answers to them.

To begin, the process of purchasing a property is a pretty intricate one that includes many different moving pieces.

We highly recommend that you engage with an experienced real estate broker, especially if this is your first time purchasing property, as they will assist you in getting ready for the process and letting you know what to anticipate at each stage.

As soon as you have reliable assistance on your side, the following step is to start thinking about WHERE exactly you want to live.

Where exactly are you located? Which school districts are you interested in attending, if any? What kinds of conveniences do you want to be close to?

Once we have an idea of where you want to live, we can start the most exciting part of the process, which is looking for a house.

1. What different kinds of loans are available to someone like me?

The majority of individuals are under the impression that they need to have a down payment of twenty-five to twenty-five and a half percent saved up before they can even consider buying a property.

We have some really exciting news to share with you. There are a variety of financing alternatives available, many of which need a significantly smaller down payment than others do.

This brings the dream of homeownership that much closer to reality for many people. Depending on the specifics of your circumstances, you could be able to make a down payment of only 3.5% of the total.

Contact us, and we will assist you in getting started and determining which options are best for you. If you are a veteran of the United States military, you have access to even more loan alternatives.

2. Can everything, from surfing to making purchases, be handled by Box?

Absolutely. If it’s real estate you’re looking for, we’d be happy to assist you in your search.

3. When buying a house, how long does the process typically take?

The answer to this question can be very different depending on where you are in the process of purchasing a home.

However, from the moment you select “the one” that you love and make an offer that is accepted on that home, the closing on your new home will normally take place within thirty to sixty days after that moment! There are a lot of steps to take before you get to that point, but we will help guide you through all of them!

4. Why should I consider buying a home rather than renting?

When opposed to renting, owning a home offers a significantly larger number of advantages.

You have the ability to OWN the location in which you now reside. If painting the wall is something you want to do, then paint the wall! You get to keep any enhancements you make to the property that you purchase.

Also, don’t forget that if the market goes up, you will benefit from that gain in price! Many people have been able to amass significant sums of equity in their homes as a result of long-term property ownership.

When people reach the age where they may retire, their equity is frequently one of their largest assets.

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Although there is no assurance that the growth of the real estate market will continue, the principal balance of your mortgage will be reduced by a portion of the amount of each payment you make.

If you keep making payments toward what you owe on your mortgage, your mortgage balance will get less and smaller over time.

5. How can I determine how much money I have available to spend?

Your monthly obligations and your income both have a significant impact on how much you can actually afford to spend each month (car payments, student loan payments, credit card payments, etc.).

Contact us, and we would be pleased to assist you in conducting research and determining the precise range of home prices that are within your financial reach. You could very well end up surprising yourself, what with today’s historically low interest rates.

6. What exactly does my monthly payment for the mortgage cover?

Before you make any purchases, we will assist you in making connections with qualified mortgage professionals who will remain on your side of the transaction throughout its entirety.

They will assist you in understanding everything there is to know about the loans for which you are eligible.

Your monthly mortgage payment will typically include your principal and interest payment on your loan, as well as your monthly taxes and insurance payment.

In other instances, however, your payment may only contain your interest payment.

7. Box Real Estate: How exactly do taxes on property get calculated?

Your monthly mortgage payment almost always already includes the amount needed to cover the payment of your property taxes, which you, as the homeowner, are responsible for paying.

Because of this, you won’t have to worry about paying a significant amount in back taxes at the end of each year.

8. Box Real Estate: Should I get homeowners insurance instead?

If you plan to spend less than twenty percent of the purchase price of a home toward the down payment, then your lender will almost certainly need you to purchase mortgage insurance.

But don’t worry too much about it because, if you so want, you can usually pay for this mortgage insurance in manageable sums each month.

When considering the whole amount of your monthly mortgage payment, this might sometimes become a relatively insignificant component of that pie.

9. In what range should my credit be before I start looking at houses that are available?

At the outset of the procedure, we will facilitate your connection with a number of the most reputable mortgage lenders in your general vicinity.

This mortgage lender will review your financial situation with us in order to assist us in calculating how much house you can afford and developing a strategy for your house hunting endeavors.

10.  Box Real Estate: Are you willing to assist me in negotiating?

Your BOX Real Estate Broker will be there for you every step of the way to help you navigate the process of purchasing a house.

When you become a client of ours, we have a responsibility known as a fiduciary obligation to assist you in negotiating the best possible terms and to look out for ALL of your interests all the way through the closing process.

11.  When selling their home, what information must the seller disclose?

The Seller is obligated to disclose any and all facts or flaws that are materially significant and known about the property.

During the inspection time, you, as the Buyer, will have the opportunity to investigate any and all of the facts that have been provided to you and evaluate any and all of them as thoroughly as you wish. >>Carr Real Estate Group>>

12.  When would be the ideal time to put my house up for sale?

The current market for real estate is characterized by low financing rates made available to buyers in addition to a significant demand from buyers. It would be smart to sell your home right now.

The months of spring and summer, in particular, are known to witness some of the highest prices and the highest levels of buyer activity throughout the whole calendar year.

13.  How much money should I set aside each month to cover the fees of closing?

At the beginning of the process, when we meet with your mortgage professional, that mortgage professional will help provide you with a good faith estimate of ALL costs you can reasonably expect if you were to purchase a property at the price you are planning for.

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This estimate will help you prepare a budget for the purchase of the property. We are also able to check with title firms that we may work with the amount that you should expect to pay for closing expenses in the event that we work with them to purchase your house.

If you could not find your desired question and answer here, checkout a full record of box real estate frequently asked questions.


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