Camera app that makes your camera brighter for all android phone

“The beauty of a girl lies in her Camera lenses” The saying has become much true since the world has gone Digital.

We make businesses more on social media, like Facebook Whatsapp, Instagram, and other social. 

For people to see more of what we sell, we need to package it in a way that the buyer will see all the features of what he or she buys.

Considering all this we have to make out time and find out the best camera that can help brighten and give us the real color or brighten the features of the products.

Without wasting much of your time, I will like to start with the SLOW-MOTION.


Like most of the time, we don’t have time to read a review of products, in that case, you just have to go on and, download the app straight, just by clicking the Image Itself.

There is no Redirection on it you just have to click it to download.

But if on the other hand, you may want to know about it, then we also have the review below.

This review helps you to understand the features of the app and also learn how to use it at ease


With the picture you already undertint most of the features of the app, this app is updated on June 16, 2021. As you can see it is one of the latest, with the latest feature you may ever want.

App size 65Mb, current version 1.0.64. The required Android is from Android version 5.0 and up 

 Make a slow-motion video, you can at the same time make, Magic fast video with it.

We are not saying that Slow motion video maker apps are just produced this year, NO! Before this year their many apps use to perform slow motion

But this particular motion app posted here is updated this year June 16, 2021, with unique features.

Most of the other app, produced for recording slow-motion video makes use of already recorded video, then you can use the app to edit it.

This slow-motion camera app here can record a fresh video mix with your choice of effect.

For example, you can decide to make the immediate video slow-motioned, not really when you have recorded it.

Camera zoom FX- free

Please we don’t mean to bore you with many words about the camera, you can just click the image and download the app straight, There is no redirection on the download.  But if you need to know more about the app you can read below.

We find out that this camera is one of the wonderful cameras updated in this year 2021.

This Camera help to give a brightening Effect to your phone camera depending on how bright you want the app to work for you.

Some of the features are the following:

– Full manual DSLR controls using Camera API2!

 – RAW capture (supported devices)
– Set ISO, focus distance, exposure, shutter speed (Lollipop only)
– Faster, more powerful, material interface!!
– Combine shooting modes, e.g. timer + hdr, stable + timelapse!

Package– slide.camZoomFree

Installs-5,000,000+ downloads

Size 6.11 MB

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