Coolidge Scholarship: Ongoing Scholarship 2022

This article about the Coolidge Scholarship sheds more light on the fact that many of the greatest colleges appear to be out of reach without some type of financial assistance. The effort that students put in warrants the benefit of continuing their studies at a higher level. It is possible that the answer to the question of whether or not you will continue your education hangs in the balance of your entire life.

For students who are having trouble finding an answer to this issue, Coolidge scholarships and grants can give a path to financial freedom that does not involve taking on any additional debt. When it comes to helping teenagers choose between several schools, partial assistance is not always sufficient. Free education is a pipe dream for a lot of students who want to go to college.

The Coolidge Scholarship provides full funding, which makes the chosen path more affordable and unlocks doors that formerly appeared to be closed off. The scholarship offered by the Coolidge Foundation is highly competitive and highly regarded. Although it would be an incredible accomplishment to be awarded this scholarship, applicants must demonstrate an exceptional level of academic achievement in order to be taken seriously.

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What exactly is meant by the term “Coolidge Scholarship”?

During his presidency from 1923 to 1929, Calvin Coolidge, the 30th President of the United States, made it a priority to ensure that the economic well-being of the American people was preserved throughout the prosperous 1920s.

He was born and raised in Vermont and has always been a Republican. Throughout his whole political career, he has been an advocate for the middle class. He was a consistent advocate for underrepresented groups and was instrumental in securing citizenship for all Native Americans born in the United States in 1924.

The Calvin Coolidge Presidential Foundation is committed to ensuring that the legacy of this remarkable president is maintained for future generations. In 1960, his son John established the organization in order to carry on his father’s legacy of upholding high moral and ethical standards. The foundation began offering undergraduate students one of the most prestigious and substantial awards in the form of a Coolidge scholarship in the year 2016, marking the program’s six-year anniversary.

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The Coolidge Scholarship is a need-blind merit-based award that can be used at any accredited college or university in the United States for a period of four years. Only a few of the applicants end up receiving a full scholarship, which is enough to pay for all of their costs for all four years. But even if they are not chosen as scholars, the top 100 applicants are given the title of “Coolidge Senator” and a scholarship that is somewhat less substantial.

Students from low-income families who have demonstrated exceptional intellectual capacity may be eligible for this endowment, which makes a road to higher education possible for them.

What Does It Mean to Receive the Coolidge Scholarship?

This Coolidge Scholarship takes care of all of an undergraduate student’s financial concerns, including their tuition, lodging and board, and other living expenses, for all four years of their academic career. Even the cost of textbooks and other educational materials is covered by the program. The overall monetary award varies from year to year, but it typically falls somewhere around $33,000 per year and is distributed to a limited number of deserving students.

But this fellowship offers much more than just a monetary sum; rather, it establishes a connection with the foundation that lasts throughout the recipient’s four years of education and, hopefully, for the rest of their lives. The young students spend several days each summer throughout their time in college at Plymouth Notch, Vermont. This is the town where President Calvin Coolidge was sworn into office on August 3, 1923.

At these gatherings, Coolidge scholarship participants have the chance to network with other high-achieving kids from across the country. During the course of each summer, the scholars provide the Coolidge Foundation with assistance in managing its renowned debate program.

However, every one of the one hundred “Senators” also gets a trip! The summer before the senators leave for college, they are taken on a trip to the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., that is completely paid for by the government. A select group of bright young minds will get the opportunity to network with one another while seeing the nation’s capital, learning about the history and legacy of the 30th President, and exploring the city!

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A connection to a foundation that is committed to nurturing undergraduates and putting an emphasis on lifetime learning is made available through the Coolidge Scholarship. The big number of money that was provided, however, accomplishes the hard job of overcoming the economic disparities in the United States that continue to bother people who are hoping to attend college.

A Guide to Determining Your Eligibility and How to Apply for It

There are only a few basic prerequisites to meet in order to qualify:

When you apply for a Coolidge scholarship, you have to be a citizen of the United States of America or a legal resident in order to be considered. This includes people who dream.

  1. You must be a junior in high school to be eligible. You are eligible to apply despite being a junior in high school so long as you are concurrently enrolled in a few classes at your local community college. Seniors are not allowed to apply for the program, regardless of whether or not they plan to take a gap year before beginning college.
  2. Your objective needs to be to earn a degree from a United States institution or university that is properly approved and consists of four years of study.
  3. You are not allowed to be a member of the Coolidge Scholarship Foundation’s immediate family if your relative works there or is a trustee.
  4. You have until the specified time to turn in all of the relevant documentation.
    If you are able to adhere to each of those principles, then that is fantastic! Now is the time to review the application procedure!

The Procedures to Follow in Order to Apply for it:

The Coolidge scholarship application is a demanding and difficult test, just like the applications for other specialized scholarship programs. However, putting in a lot of work will pay off in the end! Keep in mind that anything you send in will be read with the utmost scrutiny; therefore, you should only send in work of which you are proud.

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You will be required to provide each and every one of the following details in the Coolidge Scholarship:

The Employment Application.
Score Reports from the SAT and ACT, as well as the PSAT.
Transcript of schooling, including all advanced placement classes.
Two Essays. One should be no more than 600 words long, and the other should be no more than 800 words long. Once you begin the process, you will be given prompts to follow.
A resume consisting of two pages that detail any positions that have been held as well as the experience that has been earned from them. Include further information as well as the potential career routes you have in mind.

2 Recommendation Letters. Two letters of recommendation are required: one must come from a teacher, and the other must come from a member of the community who is not connected to you but knows you very well.
You will be required to go through an interview procedure with the selection jury after submitting all of these documents before the deadline and being chosen as a finalist in the competition.

A Timeline for Each Year of the Coolidge Scholarship.
When it comes to this once-in-a-lifetime chance, you do not want to miss any of the deadlines. If you keep track of when everything is due, you won’t have to worry about cramming anything in at the last minute and you’ll save yourself a lot of stress.

In October of 2021, the application will initially be made available to all juniors in high schools across the country. After that, you have five months left until the deadline in February 2022. Every single candidate will be informed of the outcome of their submission before the beginning of the summer.

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You will be contacted over the phone directly if you are chosen as a finalist; therefore, there is no need to visit the online application portal frequently. If you are selected. After the deadline has past, there is nothing left to do but wait and have faith that you have done everything in your power to make it happen.

All of the finalists are transported by plane to the charming community of Plymouth Notch, located in Vermont. The foundation will take care of all of those pesky charges for you. Interviews with members of the selection committee are conducted with each candidate over the course of a long weekend.

James H. Douglass, who served as governor of Vermont in the past, is in charge of the panel and will be paying close attention to observing how well you channel Calvin Coolidge’s spirit.

As soon as the scholars have been chosen, the awardees will come back to Plymouth Notch for a whole week to participate in orientation and to celebrate receiving such a significant grant!

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Advice and Methods That Will Improve Your Chances of Winning the Coolidge Scholarship

The committee in charge of selection will be looking for three primary characteristics in each and every candidate. Let’s dissect those, one by one, and see how you may exemplify each of them in your own life:

Academic Excellence

The first and most important thing that will be looked at is a flawlessly edited and proofread transcript. This does not simply mean getting As in the majority of your classes; rather, it implies pushing oneself to take the most difficult classes possible. This could include enrolling in all Advanced Placement classes or deciding to pursue the International Baccalaureate Diploma if your school offers either of those options.

But education is also regarded to take place outside of the classroom. This indicates that you are a significant participant in a variety of academic and extracurricular activities. In point of fact, public speaking was the only sport Calvin Coolidge ever participated in as a boy. Participating in extracurricular activities such as debating, forensics, robotics, or even the mathematics club demonstrates that you value education and learning outside the confines of the traditional school day.

Public Policy

The strategy is based on the concept that increased participation from more individuals across a community can have a positive impact on that community as a whole. This prize was established in honor of the highest decision-maker in the country, the President, and bears his name. Therefore, demonstrating that you respect and value this characteristic should be a priority.

In your essay, you should demonstrate that you have an understanding of the benefits of federalism and how the power is distributed between a national hub and state and local governments. People who favor the free market and a more limited role for the government are encouraged to apply for this fellowship. Sign up for courses in economics and government and politics right away if you haven’t already done so if you haven’t already.

However, if you aren’t interested in pursuing a degree in public policy and government or a career in that field, you shouldn’t let that stop you from applying. As long as you can convincingly demonstrate these qualities, you will be taken into consideration.

During the interview process, the selection committee will place a particular emphasis on your ability to speak in public and engage in debate. They reward debaters who are confident, respectful, well-trained, and fact-based in their arguments. You should steer clear of partisan confrontations and claims that you can’t back up with evidence.

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The values of Humility and Service.

The Coolidge Scholarship is defined by their ability to maintain a humble attitude. A crucial component of effective submission is placing the needs of others ahead of one’s own and employing one’s considerable expertise, not for the purpose of gaining power but rather to benefit others.

You can demonstrate your commitment to service by providing evidence of previous volunteer work. That does not mean, however, that you spent a few hours helping out at the neighborhood soup kitchen just so you could list it on your résumé. They are yearning for a more profound connection to the people around them. It may be possible to demonstrate greater humility by serving veterans at a retirement community several times a week for an entire year rather than by traversing the world to volunteer in underdeveloped countries.

However, those who tend to be more reserved shouldn’t be concerned. Independent researchers who contribute their thoughts and creations to the common good demonstrate both humility and dedication to society through their labor.
These are the primary components of a Coolidge Scholarship, and here are a few more pointers to assist you in submitting an application of which you may be proud before the deadline draws near:

You are allowed to retake the SAT or ACT as many times as necessary until you are satisfied with the results; however, only the highest scores will be included in your total. Make it a priority to sit for the exam before the allotted time for retaking tests has passed.

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Make use of a Tutor: If you are not yet a junior but want to improve your grades, you should research the different low-cost and free tutoring opportunities of Coolidge scholarships that are offered in your city. Do not be afraid to approach a teacher in a class in which you are having difficulty in order to request further assistance.

Have a Number of Individuals Check the Documents You Have: Give your paperwork to a trustworthy family member or instructor for feedback before you get in a hurry to hand in everything you’ve spent so much time and effort on. Even little grammar problems might stick noticed. Paying close attention to the little things is essential and highly regarded by Coolidge scholarship.

Hold Yourself Accountable for Your Obligations: If you are the lead role in the school play in addition to being on a sports team, you shouldn’t give up one of those roles of Coolidge scholarship for the other. Confidence and time management are both highlighted when you can demonstrate that you can successfully handle a hectic schedule.

Stay Ahead of the Clock: Start the application procedure before the actual review even begins. If you are in your first or second year of high school and have begun to think about the colleges you could attend, you should get a head start on meeting the three requirements that the Coolidge scholarship Foundation seeks.

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Make a Payment-Free Education Plan Right Away

At GrantEd, one of our primary missions is to connect students who are struggling financially with the grants and scholarships that they are entitled to receive. In an individualized and comprehensive manner, we collaborate with the parents of Coolidge scholarship applicants and the candidates themselves to assess the appropriate level of financial help.

After determining your level of financial need, we will assist you in whittling down the seemingly endless pool of thousands of grants and scholarships to a more manageable number.

You will never be on your own while you navigate the difficult world of applying to universities since we follow every step of the process, from the application to the acceptance letter. With Minorities to Majorities by your side, you will never miss a deadline or become disoriented in the paperwork.

For additional details, please refer to The Ultimate Scholarship Guide, which was written by our company’s creator, Jasmine Chigbu. She debunks the misconception that in order to afford education, one must take on significant amounts of debt. This book is an absolute necessity for anyone planning to attend college, as it contains the expert guidance of Jasmine, who paid for her whole education through grants and scholarships. Make contact right away!

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The financial aid calculator that was developed by our company’s creator, Jasmine Chigbu, generates a personalized assessment of your requirements. Because she received multiple scholarships throughout her time in medical school, Jasmine is an authority on the subject. Put your faith in the Coolidge scholarship experts at GrantEd and get in touch with them right away.



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