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The traditional pattern of real estate business management can be extremely stressful sometimes that one considers giving up. Dynasty Ai for Real Estate has been able to proffer a good alternative to the traditional normal running around involved in the business.

In this piece, we bring to you dynasty Ai for real estates, benefits of adopting this Ai help, services rendered by this company and a lot more.

Dynasty Ai for Real Estates

Dynasty Ai for Real Estate

The artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that Dynasty offers to the real estate industry are provided by the company that bears its name.

It creates Lisa, an artificial intelligence leasing assistant that is responsible for handling the majority of its clients’ leasing traffic.

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The company leverages cutting-edge technology and machine learning to automate formerly manual leasing operations, thereby enabling real estate clients to improve the quality of service they provide to tenants and expand their property holdings.

Company Type:             Subsidiary
Parent Company:          Appfolio
Head Quarters:             Goleta, CA, US
Founded:                       2016
Cybersecurity rating:   A

Why do I need Dynasty Ai for Real Estates?

A common thing to benefit by adopting Ai in the operation of your real estate business is that is eases the enamours stress of having to operate a real estate business business manually.

Here are some of the numerous reasons you need dynasty ai for real estate:

  • It will liberate your employees and assist them in focusing on creative marketing, creating client relationships, and providing excellent service while saving them time through automation.
  • It will be an effective technique to advance your prospects quickly from the stage of lead generation to the stage of qualification, and before you realize it, they will be ready to move in.
  • Because dynasty AI serves as a central center for all of your marketing and leasing activities, your employees will spend less time understanding data and more time acting on the information gleaned from it with this solution

Dynasty Ai for Real Estate Services

Here are the wonderful services provided to real estates by dynasty Ai with their advantages:

Communication & Service

Online Portals

Provide people with a centralized location from which they may obtain all of the information and resources they require.

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Make sure that residents have quick, on-demand access to their Online Portal so that they can submit online requests, make online payments, and more.

This will put convenience right at their fingers.


  • Improve the quality of your customer care using tools that are available on demand.
  • Reduce the number of one-time phone calls and emails you make.
  • Residents are able to maintain their connection at all times and from any location thanks to the mobile app.

Communication That Is Centralized

All of the available communication channels for community associations may be accessed within Dynasty Ai for real estates, allowing for simple and prompt engagement with locals by text message, email, or even snail mail.

Additionally, records of communications are kept in a database for convenient access in the future.


  1. There is no requirement for integrations or add-ons in order to communicate with residents.
  2. Maintain order by storing communications for the purpose of creating a record of the past.
  3. Dynasty Ai for real estates allows users to quickly transmit communications with just a few clicks, which saves valuable time.

Transactions made through the Internet

Create a community of homeowners and renters that are happier because they can quickly pay their dues or rent online, from anywhere in the world.

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You can free up your team by automating the entire payments process on a single platform, which will also ensure that you get paid promptly and safely.


  • Utilize end-to-end automation so that you can accomplish more with fewer resources.
  • Make the experience of renting and owning a property as easy as possible for your customers.
  • Allow for payments that are both flexible and secure, at all times.

Documents and Folders That Are Shared

Directly communicate with residents and quickly exchange crucial documents with them through their Online Portal.

To guarantee that your residents always have access to whatever information you would like to share with them, documents may be easily sorted and unshared depending on what is required.

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  • Provide proactive responses to frequently asked queries and bring to the surface important facts
  • Maintain order among the properties and connections.
  • Make it simple for locals to access the important information they need.

Accounting & Reporting

Computerized Billing Entry

Spend less time on mundane tasks like data entry and more time on the important, high-value activities.

With the use of artificial intelligence technology, Smart Bill Entry can analyze PDF invoices sent by suppliers, identify crucial pieces of information, and aid with processing so that you may pay bills in a more timely manner.


  • Efficiencies should be improved.
  • Automate manual processes
  • Improve data accuracy

AP Robotics Automated

By automating your company’s accounts payable, you can save both time and money for your company.

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The workflows that were previously used to process, enter, and pay bills manually are replaced with automated accounts payable workflows, which save time and reduce the likelihood of human mistake.


  • Improve both your precision and your productivity.
  • Automate manual processes
  • You’ll save both time and money.
  • Enhance your ties with your suppliers.
  • Growth processes on various scales

Reporting in Real-Time And Flexible

It is crucial to the operation of your business that you have access to and can comprehend your data.

Dynasty Ai Real Estate provides its users with a broad range of reports that can accommodate even the most varied portfolios, and the company is always adding additional reports to its library.

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The reports are modifiable, and the links contained within them permit you to easily drill down into particular aspects of the data.

Gain valuable insights from more than 80 customisable reports, including the following:

  • Owner statement
  • Income statement
  • The statement of cash flows
  • Chart of accounts
  • Roll the Rent
  • Reporting from the CAM
  • Delinquency Record

Perspectives on Performance

Utilizing real-time data visualizations can empower you to take command of your company and make informed decisions about its future.

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Dashboards that may be personalized cut down on the amount of time spent accumulating data and make it possible to obtain the insights that are necessary to steer a firm.


  • Compare the results with relative ease.
  • Compare the budget to the actuals.
  • Compare the monetary figures from one year to the next.
  • Reports and data should be shared.
  • Explore the dashboards and charts in further depth.

Lisa, AI Leasing Assistant

Utilizing dynasty Ai’s intelligent leasing assistant, your primary focus should be on regularly converting qualified leads into residents.

Your staff will have more time to focus on producing high-quality work because Lisa will be handling mundane responsibilities such as data entry and scheduling showings.


  • Guarantees a 24/7 quick response to requests
  • Eliminates potential distractions for leasing team members
  • Creates a more full and accurate data set
  • Impresses potential customers by providing replies that are original, useful, and that use natural language.

Virtual Presentations

Within the dynasty Ai platform, you can easily fulfil the demands of your prospective customers by organizing and conducting live virtual tours.

Because Virtual Showings are an integral component of our streamlined lead-to-lease process, we make it possible for you to effectively oversee and scale the deal-closing abilities of your team.


  • Provides you with the ability to demonstrate the devices to anyone, at any location, at any time
  • Prospects who are unable to attend in person can easily be accommodated.
  • There is no requirement for employees or potential customers to download any additional applications.

Tenant Screening

dynasty Ai will handle the job for you by screening applicants according to pre-set leasing criteria, making the process quick and straightforward.

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This add-on service confirms an applicant’s income and rental history, in addition to checking their credit score, criminal history, and eviction history.

It provides you with all of the information you require to make educated judgments regarding candidates.


  • Stay away from headaches caused by higher turnover, expensive maintenance fixes, and evictions.
  • Easily identify potentially false information
  • Integrated into the procedure of your application
  • Compliance with fair housing rules is supported by the use of standardized screening criteria.

Dashboard for Leasing Metrics and KPIs

In order to provide answers to the most critical leasing queries you have, you may provide trustworthy data and actionable insights using a single perspective.

You will save time and avoid the hassle of having to collect data from a variety of sources if you build reports by regularly pulling clean data from a single system.

This will allow you to simply compile reports.

It enables you to respond to:

  • Which marketing avenues result in the greatest return on investment?
  • Where are we making progress, and what are some areas that require more of our attention?
  • How many leads need to be converted into customers before we reach maximum future occupancy?

Other services of Dynasty Ai Real Estate

Maintenance & Efficiency
Staffing & Training
Marketing & Leasing
Management & Growth

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