Fast ways to Import Cars from USA to Nigerian

Fast ways to Import Cars from US. to Nigeria, Do you want to buy a car from the USA and import it to Nigeria?

Fast ways to Import Cars from USA to Nigerian

Don’t worry, I will show you how to Easily import it to your destination in Nigeria.

many people think that buying a car in the US is easy But importing it is a real case.

Fast ways to Import Cars from USA to Nigeria

Do you want to buy a car from the USA and import it to Nigeria?

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Fast ways to Import Cars from US. to Nigerian

Nigeria is a fast developing country So cars are imported every now and then.

 Since time immemorial Nigerians has been importing cars from different part of the world successfully. So you don’t have to panic if you want to buy a car abroad.

Fast ways to Import Cars from US. to Nigerian, Note! this before buying a car

NCS has banned the import of cars older than 15 years from the manufacturer’s date.

Nigerian custom service NCS does not allow residents to import older cars, vans, trucks,s, etc.

Nigerian custom service will not allow Nigeria to be a dumping ground anymore.

National road traffic regulation has banned the importation of right-hand drive cars.

No Right-hand drive car can be registered or licensed in Nigerian,

according to the 2012 National traffic regulation. Do not buy RHD cars in Nigeria.

About $2000-2500 will be in the budget for the shipping, though the price varies according to the location of the port in the USA.

USA and Canada have been the best place to import cars to Nigeria, any time and any day.

Cars from the USA and Canada are most desirable due to American specifications to automobile-making companies.

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Fast ways to Import Cars from US. to Nigerian Beware of major setbacks

There are major setbacks you are going to face, as you want to buy and ship a car to Nigeria.

Below are the major issues to face, so know it now so that you will plan properly towards your motive.

The Authorities

The authorities have made the importation of cars to Nigeria very difficult.

The cost of clearing a vehicle is too high, to the extent you Start’s calculating the amount as it tries to go half of the money you purchase the car.

The bad road in Nigerian will first discourage you as the government was unable to provide a good road. Sometimes leads to thinking the need to pay such expensively when it will soon be damaged by Nigerian road.

Yahoo Yahoo Boys

This is a serious problem to consider while buying and shipping a car to Nigeria.

These are the bad boys and girls sitting at home to scam people.

This set of people’s work is to give you fake information, fake business, and run away with your money.

The evil bad boys and girls have given Nigeria a bad name. To the extent that the Americans are doubtful in doing business with a Nigerian.

Out of 100 merchants, you may contact 80-90 may decline shipping to Nigeria except you are paying through bank transfer. Even the bank transfer is not trusted when it comes to a Nigerian.

The above factors are capable of frustrating your plan as you want to buy and ship a car to Nigerian.

Fast ways to Import Cars from US. to Nigerian

Want to buy and ship a car from US. to Nigeria? Read below

  1. Search for the car:

    You need to search for the car you want to buy online.

Check to know if the specific car of your choice is permissible by the Registrar of the imported vehicle as per US imported car policy.

It is better and easier online, you will have quality time to check for the specification and everything you need to know about the car.

There are a thousand and one websites where you can check, purchase or read about cars. But am only going to introduce you to trusted sites that don’t disappoint.

Do a little bit of research on the car’s VIN number, for you not to make mistake.

You can search for the brand of car you need on the following website :

eBay Autos

This site has every detail you need to know about the brand of car you chose.

This is also one of the biggest car marketplaces on the Internet.

This site doesn’t delay to give you what you need.


This is another website that also gives a better view of the product you want to buy.

You can watch some videos of the product you want to buy on this site.

Auction Export

This company is based in Canada, it was established in 2007.

Auction export help people around the world buy and export cars they buy from the USA and Canada.

This company serves as a broker who helps people get cars from dealers and other auction companies.

The company charges a little commission, on cars bought through them, at the same time renders shipping services.

The company is popular among Nigerians because they assist those who don’t know about the bidding and shipping process.

This is an online marketplace that connects car buyers to car sellers, within the globe.

This site is also one of the second largest car sales websites.

The company has its headquarters in Chicago Illinois, USA.

One thing about Dealers and private sellers has the option of providing, reports on vehicles to buyers.

Most of the time you found a report on on cars that are advertised on other websites. Their information is free.

There are still others like: etc.

Fast ways to Import Cars from US. to Nigerian

2. Get to the seller:

You need to reach the seller of the car to bargain the price that is if it is the individual that is selling the car.

The price of the car is already tagged on it but you can still bargain because it is business.

3. Make payments:

Having known everything you need to know about the car you want to buy, go ahead and make payment.

A dealer may want a Bank transfer or other credit facilities.

The above-mentioned sites/companies are trusted dealers you can make payments with.

Discuss with the dealer to handle the shipment unless you have an alternative.

Clearing Agents:

make sure you make a folder with all the documentation before the car gets to Nigerian port.

the clearing agents will properly check the following items:

Nigerian Documents American Documents
For exporting car
Nigerian Drivers License Bill of Sale
Nigerian ID documents Original Vehicle Title
Proof of address  
Proof of insurance  
e-Form ‘M’  
A filled-out plate number form  
Original invoice  
Packing list  
Combined Certificate of Value and Origin (CCVO)  
Adequate description of the imported goods  
Shipped / Clean on Bill of Landing / Railway Bill / Air Bill

All this is what the clearing agents will check to make sure they are intact, therefore prepare beforehand.

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