How to make money from YouTube

YouTube: is a free website where you can share your own videos, watch other peoples’ videos, and comment on them at the same time. It is a video-sharing app bought by Google in 2006, ranked in 2018 as the second most popular

How to make money from YouTube

online website. below are How to make money from YouTube.

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How to make money from YouTube

Making money online these days has become rampant. As long as you have an android phone or laptop you can make as much money as you want. there are millions of people who earn a living on YouTube,  You too can make make your own money through it.  You may want to know the best way to make money on YouTube,? the answer is all the ways to make money on YouTube are the best ways.

Making money from YouTube used to be as simple as uploading great content, gathering millions of views, and earning a share of advertising revenue. Not as simple as said. making this money is not something you just start today and you begin to make millions of naira. it takes time just like every other business gets mature before it starts making enough starts payment.

To many people, YouTube is a site where they can spend endless hours watching videos, product reviews, playing video games, etc.  To others, it’s where to make a lot of money per day or per month. You could be one of those that it pays.

how much money can a YouTuber earn?

We have to look at the highest-paid YouTubers and figure out how much they make, and how they do it.

Below are the estimate of what YouTubers make

*      The highest-paid YouTuber is just 9 years of age. Ryan Kaji, His channel, Ryan’s World formally known as Ryan ToysReview.  the young guy started reviewing toys on YouTube when he was just three years old, you will always see Young Ryan unboxing and playing with different kinds of toys. the content started expanding and the channel kick-off, as of today the young man has more than 24 million subscribers. and he makes $29.5 million between 2019-2020. at the same time, he conducts science experiments on YouTube. this can be achieved through consistent working, uploading of content on the channel in other to get views, and a lot of other efforts.

*       Jimmy Donaldson also known as Mr. Beast. is a philanthropist, everyone knows him on YouTube he gives thousands of dollars to strangers. Jimmy Donaldson has over 55 million subscribers, and he makes $24 million, he is the second-highest-paid YouTuber on the platform. In December 2020 he opens a burger restaurant, which allows many people to eat free food and drinks.

*      Third person on the platform is  The Dude Perfect YouTube.  the channel has over 60 million subscribers. The channel was created by five friends back in 2009, Tyler Toney, Coby Cotton, Cody Jones, and Garrett Hilbert. The dudes were known for sports and comedy play on the channel. Some of the most popular videos include the group doing trick shots, battling each other with bubble wrap, and breaking Guinness World Records, etc. the dudes controls about $23 million and they have more than 10 million views on YouTube.

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*         The next people on the platform are Rhett and Link. they control $20 million

More than 16 million people subscribe to Rhett and Link’s channel. They have more than 6 billion views since the channel first launched back in 2008.  a good YouTuber knows that Good Mythical Morning is a daily YouTube show hosted by Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal. The duo is often referred to as just Rhett and Link.

One of their most popular videos showcases the team eating a scorpion, the world’s hottest pepper, and deep-frying strange objects.

They usually have a YouTube talk show. The two friends sit at a desk and do strange things with a comedic twist. They eat different foods on camera, try new products, conduct hilarious experiments, and play original games with celebrity guests.

*        Next is Mark Fischbach also known as Markiplier, Mark has over 25 million subscribers and about  12.6 billion views since he launched his channel in 2012. this dude deals on gaming channels, he plays Video games on YouTube, and uploads animated parody videos, comedy sketches, and other humorous forms of entertainment, he has this most popular video on his channel titled “try not to laugh challenge” in this he watches a funny video, while he shows his reaction as he tries to hold back laughter.  many people subscribe as result he controls about $29.5 million.

How to make money from YouTube

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*      Preston Arsement is another figure that controls $19 million. he is the youngest on YouTube because he joined the YouTube channel in March 2018, is just three years and he is controlling so much money on YouTube.  within these three years, he has about  4.5 million subscribers ad about 1000 million views.

*         A six-year-old Russian-American Anastasia Radzinskaya was introduced into the business by the parent.  just like the parent manages many YouTube channels with content made for children.

Anastasia has over117 a million subscribers and about 50 billion views on all her channels.

she focused on displaying, new things she learned, playing with a friend or playing with her cat, or playing with her father, etc. this young girl partner with brands like Legoland and Dannon,  she controls about $19 million.

Another figure that comes next to the platform is David Dobrik. he is 24 years old he focuses on humor and entertainment videos, he is a dramatic student, who has recently  18 million subscribers and more than 2 million views. this has fetched him $15. 5 million. the young man is recently branching into TIK TOK, as he continues to generate his humorous content.

How to get paid on YouTube

Set up an AdSense account

The first step to making money on YouTube is joining the YouTube partner program.

This can give you access to tools that will enable you to monetize their videos through Google AdSense.

To qualify for this the content creator must have should have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of accumulated watch time over the prior 12-month period.

To achieve this you can create as much content as you can. lets up to 5,000 contents, and you may end up getting 1,000, or 1,500  subscribers.

YouTube monetizes videos via pre-roll, display, and other advertising formats Advertisers pay based on clicks and impressions. YouTube gives the content creator 55% of this revenue and takes 45% for itself. You have to adhere to advertising guidelines.

YouTube premium

AdSense isn’t the only way partners can make money on YouTube. You can also make videos available on YouTube Premium, which is the site’s ad-free subscription service. You’ll earn a portion of the revenue from membership fees, based on how much members view your videos. this is more simple.


In recurring crowdfunding, contributors pay an amount they specify on a regular schedule. you can maximize the funding in another turn a channel into a substantial income stream. Incentives like private classes or merchandise can intrigue viewers to sign up.

You can also go for project-based crowdfunding if you have an idea for a project that requires financial support. Sell Your Products

If you have merchandise or offer a service that’s relevant to your audience, let them know about it and provide links in your videos. YouTube is a place where more than a thousand and one people visit per day.

Donations and paid content

If you have a deep connection with your followers – who are dedicated to your content – they might be persuaded to sponsor you or to pay for a subscription to additional content.

How to make money from YouTube

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Affiliate links

If you have videos or any other products, you can earn money by sending your viewers to buy them on Amazon, eBay, or any number of stores.

Join an affiliate network and you get a commission from sales you send their way. It’s usually a percentage of the sale price so expensive items will bring greater affiliate earnings.

All these are ways of making money on YouTube there are many other ways to make money on YouTube.


Becoming a YouTuber could be a good choice to make money online. YouTube gets more than one billion unique users a month, and many people are already making money there. You too can make a decent amount of money from it.

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