How Young Nigerians Make Money

How Young Nigerians Make Money

How young Nigerian boys make money this day should not be alarming.

How Young Nigerians  Make Money

Cars like Rolls-Royce Cullinan 2019 worth ₦350 million is own by a young artist known as Davido

This day’s Nigerian youth rolls with a car worth more than $180 000 million.

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Rolls-Royce Phantom – ₦204 million bought by Charlie. a young boy and online marketer.

Not only that, the boys trip to different parts of the country to cool-off

Of course, Young guys with money need cars they can drive every day to show them off.

About 1000 Nigerian boys own luxury cars, each costing up to $180,000

One thing that’s spectacular about Nigerian boys is their luxurious lifestyles and being able to afford it.

at the same time, the boys buy expensive clothes, jewelry, and some private jet we’ve seen them all.

How young Nigerians make Money

One thing that comes to mind of many other poor masses is that the boys are internet fraudsters. (yahoo boys).

Not all successful Nigerian boys are internet fraudsters (yahoo boys )

we all know how that government pls Nigeria is.

therefore a typical Nigerian doesn’t wait for his country or state to do anything for him or her.

multitudes of the youth after school without government work begin to search for means of survival.

Thank God for online businesses, this is one of the best things that can happen to young Nigerians.

thousands of Nigerian boys are currently making money online locally and internationally.

why all these money-making boys are thorns on the government neck, is that the government is unable to regulate the amount of income earned by the boys.

most of this online business, you can start without paying a dime. at the same time one of the easiest ways of making money.

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Young Nigerians make Money through:

Affiliate marketing

You can earn up to $175  every day through affiliate marketing.

with a simple legitimate trick,  you can earn $175 every single day if you are the smart type, you can earn this at least 2-4 times daily.

There are many companies in the United States always looking for new clients, to achieve this they need affiliates/partners like you.

These companies are willing to pay as much as $300 per new client you refer to them.

some of the companies that are always willing to pay you as an affiliate are the following:







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know some of the Affiliate networks that are easy to join and get approved.

Nigerian boys really make money doing this.

the requirement to earn this huge amount of money daily is Just a few days of training.

In the few days of training from the first day, you will start to earn $175 per day. And it can be replicated on daily basis.

So you can imagine how you can earn per month and year.

This affiliate marketing Is all about promoting offers from companies.

You can also have your Affiliate commission in different niches like:

software affiliate program, the commission In this may be up to 30%, Yes software niches pay very well.

travel Affiliate program

the boys make the money through travel agencies, airlines, booking aggregators travel goods, etc.

travel Affiliate gives the boys excess money and they do it very well.

Dating affiliate program

in this, if an affiliate program commission has a loyalty (bonus ) program your commission can increase.

loans Affiliate program

An affiliate marketer can earn more than $5000 depending on the loan size.

Fitness and Nutra Affiliate program

the talk of a healthy lifestyle, good-looking,  and health education has always been the daily news and adverts.

another thing about online marketing is that it doesn’t take much time and a beginner will start earning.

Google AdSense

This is also an amazing platform Nigerians boys are using to cash-out

the method is to simply sign up and Google gives you a code you will copy and paste into your website.

The rest setup will be done by Google, and you get paid anytime someone clicks your ads or purchase.

As it goes the more you make post more ads more money.

the main thing Is to choose the right niche that people will always go for.

Text links

One of the best ways the boys make money is via text links.

I wonder what the text link is, check it out on any web page, you will surely see some highlighted words.

The highlighted words are other web page links, the different business website pays the boy a huge amount of money to link their pages.

There are companies who are ready to pay a reasonable amount of money, just to advertise their product on your site.

  • Sponsored Posts

With sponsored posts, the boys make a reasonable amount of money on this.

Companies pay the Nigerian boys to advertise their goods and services on the companies website.

The more the boys talk about a companies goods and services, the more they jack up rates.

However, some blogs with more traffic can easily earn $20,000 per sponsored post or more.

The boys are hardworking that their clients have gained trust over.

Display Ads

This is similar to Google AdSense except that the reader doesn’t have to click on the ad for you to make money.

Ads give the boys enough money for sure.

These are billboards, which are on the website which show you, what you may like, direction, suggestions,  and shortcuts.

With the Ads, the boys get paid each time the Ad is viewed.

Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is one of the ways young Nigerian boys make money.

These boys get more exposure to writing for larger websites, and they get paid per article.

Getting New Clients for Business

The boys use the website as a marketing tool.

They promote their businesses, by reaching people both far and nearby.

This is one of the ways the boys built authority, and get clients for financial practice.

It is more smart ways to reach people, than cold calling and holding boring seminars every now and then.

Online courses

The boys are good at marketing digital products, it could be a video series, PDF, courses, etc.

With this, the Nigerian youth make a lot of money that could get you amazed.

How young Nigerian youths make money.

Don’t always think that a successful young Nigerian boy is an internet Fraudster.

Young Nigerian boys are hardworking on the low.

There are other ways Nigerian boys make much money, it includes:


Selling leads

Crowdfunded Real Estate Investing

Peer-to-Peer Lending

Selling Stuff Online

YouTube Ads

Buying and Selling Websites

Brand Sponsorships


All these are ways Nigerian young boys make their money.

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