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iBroker makes managing your real estate office and finances simple. GryphTech’s iBroker leverages decades of experience to make it extremely simple to use without sacrificing the complex features for which GryphTech is recognized. Office management is simplified with iBroker, allowing you to maximize your productivity. See all real estate opportunities

iBroker real estate

What exactly is iBroker?  pricing of $0.005 per share (the minimum is $1)

iBroker is a real estate back office administration solution that is simple to use. This cloud-based and mobile-friendly tool, which is powered by a global leader in real estate solutions, is incredibly straightforward to use and makes everyday admin tasks quick to accomplish.

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Features of iBroker:

Inventory Management for Listings

Observe Transactions

Keep track of payments and deposits.

Agents for Billing

Produce Reports

Make commission plans that are flexible.

Determine Commissions

Produce 1099s

Recruiting Management

Set Objectives

iBroker integrates with industry-leading applications to help you run your business more efficiently:  pricing of $0.005 per share (the minimum is $1)

Online QuickBooks



Transaction Rooms by DocuSign


RE/MAX, Better Homes & Gardens, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, and other top real estate brands have put their trust in us.

iBroker is a cloud-based brokerage tool that assists real estate brokers with office administration tasks like billing and reporting.

Users may control agent billing operations with invoice management and expense tracking technology while listing and transaction management capabilities allow them to centralize files and folders. As a mobile-friendly application, iBroker allows users to access all of their files and information from any mobile or tablet device while on the go.

iBroker helps customers manage their finances by allowing them to manage payments, deposits, agent billing, check printing, and general ledger posts online.

By tracking all business income and capturing all journal entries with transaction information, iBroker hopes to make agent and referral payments easier. Users can use automation tools to automatically calculate distributions, segregate payments to third parties, and set up recurring or single charges.


Users can receive meaningful insight into business performance and financials with iBroker’s broad reporting capabilities.


Users can streamline accounting and transaction procedures with QuickBooks Online, SkySlope, Dotloop, and franchise integrations. iBroker centralizes contact information, making it simple for users to find information about a buyer, seller, lawyer, or escrow business.

With the automatic commission calculation tool, users can easily generate fees and unique commission programs.

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Features of iBroker

QuickBooks Online integration

Flexible Commission Structure

Calculate commissions automatically

Agent Billing Automation

Inventory Management Listings

Keep track of payments and deposits.

Observe Transactions

Contact Information

Recruiting Management

Create reports for your franchise and office.

Produce 1099s (U.S.)

Create personalized letters and documents

Integrations with iBroker

To simplify your workflow, iBroker connects with QuickBooks Online, dotloop, SkySlope, DocuSign Transaction Rooms, iFranchise, and The ProfitCentre.

Target Market for iBroker  pricing of $0.005 per share (the minimum is $1)

Brokerages that have between 5 and 500 agents.

Price on iBroker

To discuss pricing, contact the vendor.

iBroker is a real estate back office administration solution that is simple to use. This cloud-based & mobile-friendly application, powered by a global leader in real estate solutions, is very easy to use, making everyday admin tasks such as Manage Listing Inventory, Track Transactions, Record Payments & Deposits, Bill Agents, Generate Reports, Create Flexible Commission Plans, Calculate Commissions, Generate 1099s, Manage Recruiting, Set Goals, very quick to complete. iBroker is compatible with industry-standard software.

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Best For

Real estate brokerages in North America searching for a simple, cloud-based tool to cut administrative costs and improve business operations.


Is this service compatible with other apps?

iBroker interacts with leading industry software, including:

* Online QuickBooks

* The Slope

* Transaction Rooms for DocuSign

* Dotloop

* The Center for Profit

iFranchise *

Who are the most common users of this service?  pricing of $0.005 per share (the minimum is $1)

Small to medium-sized brokerage firm owners, brokers, office managers, and office administrators.

The following are some of iBroker’s important features:


Commission leadership


Property Search

How much does iBroker set you back?  pricing of $0.005 per share (the minimum is $1)

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The price is unknown.

No free trial is available.

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Who are the usual iBroker users?

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Customers who frequently use iBroker include: Startups, SMEs, Agencies, and Large Corporations

Which mobile platforms are iBroker compatible with?

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We will be updating soon.

Which operating systems is iBroker compatible with?

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The following operating systems are supported by iBroker: Windows Web App

What methods of payment does iBroker accept?  pricing of $0.005 per share (the minimum is $1)

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The following payment methods are accepted by iBroker: Monthly, Yearly

What kind of deployment is it?


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The iBroker platform is cloud-based.

Product recommendations

iBroker develops software for transaction management, commission management, accounting, agent management, and brokerage analytics.

Real estate brokerages are the customers of iBroker.

For its software, iBroker is likely to demand a monthly subscription.

What exactly is iBroker?

iBroker develops software for transaction management, commission management, accounting, agent management, and brokerage analytics.

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How does iBroker function?

Brokerages join up for iBroker and utilize it to manage their operations, employees, and agents.

How much does iBroker set you back?  pricing of $0.005 per share (the minimum is $1)

For its software, iBroker is likely to demand a monthly subscription. There isn’t any public pricing data because deals are put up brokerage by brokerage.

What company owns iBroker?

GryphTech, a real estate software provider, owns iBroker. chat support

Alternatives to Ibroker and Competitors

The companies listed below are all part of the brokerage and back-office platform category. They’re best described as products that give brokerages a set of tools for managing internal operations and providing additional services to agents.

The Obstacles

Since the beginning of the brokerage three years ago,

RE/MAX Moves has made use of a well-known backend.

solution for office software With time,

Cameron Keegan, Broker/Owner, expanded his business.

growing dissatisfied with the software’s performance

issues, very convoluted user interface, and inadequate technical support It all came to this.

when the company faced a setback

in total data loss in a desktop-based environment


A hardware failure on the premises

A few months of work were lost as a result of the solution.

worth of vital information Keegan was forced to pay a fine.

a significant sum of money to recover it

It had been a long and drawn-out procedure.

That occurrence prompted Keegan to reconsider his software selection and look for alternatives.


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The Alternative

Keegan considered three options carefully.

several software options and

GryphTech Inc. chose iBroker.

iBroker was chosen for four key reasons.

1) It is simple and intuitive to use.

2) cloud-based solution, 3) user interface

responsive design for mobile devices, and 4)

cost-effectiveness. Since its inception,

“It’s like night and day,” Keegan says.

Return on Investment (ROI)  pricing of $0.005 per share (the minimum is $1)

Keegan is not simply at ease with the cloud-based approach.

with the peace of mind that the company’s data is safe and secure,

They provide accessibility through straightforward and responsive design.

previously unable to enjoy “I can complete a transaction quickly.”

If I need to, I can use my phone, and it only takes a few seconds,” she explains.

“iBroker provides us with the return we were looking for,” says Keegan.

Our QuickBooks Online integration gives us a competitive advantage.

significantly more streamlined workflow, and the technical

The assistance is excellent.”

“iBroker’s user-friendliness is light years ahead of the competition.”

the other companies we looked at.” iBroker form

RE/MAX Moves Information

RE/MAX Moves assists buyers and sellers in achieving their goals.

real estate objectives quickly and easily With RE/MAX, you’re in good hands.

Moves, as well as the sale of your property, are handled with care.


iBroker Information

iBroker is a robust and easy-to-use office administration software.

a real estate solution GryphTech Inc. is the company behind it.

iBroker is a global pioneer in real estate management solutions.

enables you to manage your business your way – simple, effective, and efficient

anyplace, quick Allow us to assist you in resolving your issues.

Using accounting software and spreadsheets, you can:

Spend more attention on development. LOGIN

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