Job Vacancy in Canada Apply today(Secure the instant Job)

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Customer Representative – Cedarbrae Plaza 11.25 Hours

Job Vacancy in Canada Apply today(Secure the instant Job)

The Global Community of Scotiabankers needs an excellent and qualified someone in the position of Customer Representative.

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Job Vacancy in Canada worth $200,000 per year- Apply

Location(s): Canada : Ontario : Scarborough

Requisition ID: 100496

Customer representative

A bank customer service representative is someone whose role is to provide information regarding the bank’s products and services to its customers.

In Canada, customer representatives earn over $30 per hour.

His sole responsibility is to handle inquiries and resolve customer complaints.

This person must be capable of relating comfortably and confidently to customers.

The key to getting numerous numbers of customers is having a good customer service representative who has all the qualities of a good customer representative.

some of the qualities include the following :

 1 .  ability to communicate clearly

The customer representative is the voice of the company. he or she must have the ability to reduce complex concepts into highly digestible, easily understood terms.

At the same time, he or she represents the needs and thought of the customers in the company.  All this the customer representative have to do well in other for the company to retain its customers and make a new one at the same time.

   2 .   Attentiveness

the customer representative must have the ability to be a good listener, by paying attention to the individual customer experience. At the same time be mindful and attentive to the feedback you receive from them. 

For example, most customers hardly say things direct or they do not actually know how to describe what they want, it is a very very good listener who can capture directly what that particular customer want and attend to it immediately. Else the customers easily say they can’t find what they want and be moving ahead.

3.   Emotional intelligence

A good customers representative has the ability to study the mood of the immediate customer immediately he or she sets in.

she must have the ability to read when the customer is frustrated when the customer need help, or the customer is indecisive about a particular plan, a good customer representative comes in here.

Instead of taking things personally they intuitively understand where the other person is coming from and make the matter simple for both.

4.   Creativity

a good customer representative solves a problem but, finding a clever and fun way of solving the problem is the best approach that keeps both the customer and you at ease.

having this natural zeal and the ability not to force things when dealing with it is a rare skill, and this keeps the customer very confident in you. 

making the customers believe that there must be always a way out.  the quality makes the customer representative more friendly and gracious.

5.   Positive language

A good customer representative must have the ability to be always positive, keeping language positive makes the customers happy. language is a very important persuasive technic. 

Customers create a perception about you and your company base on the language that you use on them when they are around.

positive language attracts customers. It makes them keep coming over and over again whenever they need a particular product. when a customer sees you are a very positive person and are successful in the service you render to them always they will put their trust in you, even when they want to get another particular product they call you to help them get the product.

6. Keeping cool

A good customer representative must have the ability to stay cool under any circumstance. this is one of the characteristics of customers to always act as if the world is falling because of their present problem.

It is now the duty of a good customer representative to calm down and at the same time comport the customer. the rep’s nerves must be calm and undisturbed his ability not to lose his cool is a great skill.

7. Willingness to learn

willingness to learn is the basis for growing skills. no one is a know-all a good customer representative must be willing to learn how to communicate better especially when he or she communicates poorly. he or she must be willing to follow a new process.  he must willing to improve.


Job Vacancy in Canada Apply

About the role

Scotiabank is a place where customers are put first, and Scotiabank’s priority is to help them achieve their financial goals.

your responsibility as the customer representative in Scotiabank are as follow :

1 . Maintaining a positive, empathetic, and professional attitude toward customers at all times

2.  Responding promptly to customer inquiries

3.  Acknowledging and resolving customer complaints

4.   Communicating with customers through various channels

5.  Taking a proactive approach to discovering our customer’s needs and listening to understand what they are asking for

6. Nurturing rich, long-standing relationships

7 Being a technology expert and share your knowledge by introducing clients to Scotiabank mobile banking applications and assisting them to better manage their banking needs.

8.  Keeping records of customer interactions, transactions, comments, and complaints

9.  Communicating and coordinating with colleagues as necessary

10.  Providing feedback on the efficiency of the customer service process.

11. Ensure customer satisfaction and provide professional customer support

Related Insurance Packages:

Your benefit as a member of Scotiabank

  • The opportunity to join a forward-thinking organization surrounded by a collaborative team of innovative thinkers
  • A rewarding career path with diverse opportunities for professional development
  • A competitive compensation and benefits package
  • Internal training to support your career growth and enhance your skills
  • An organization committed to making a difference in the  communities .

  Scotiabank Work worth over $50,000 

As Canada’s International Bank, Scotiabank is a diverse and global team. Scotiabankers speak more than 100 languages with backgrounds from more than 120 countries. Scotiabank employees are committed to a superior customer experience and use the Bank’s six guiding sales practice principles to ensure they act with honesty and integrity.

How much does a worker earn in scotiabank?

The average Scotiabank salary ranges from approximately $36,569 per year for a Customer Services Representative to $204,989 per year for a Managing Director. The average Scotiabank hourly pay ranges from approximately $17 per hour for a Teller to $34 per hour for a Business Analyst. Apply for a job at scotiabank here

Available Jobs in Canada paying about $20 per hour

United Parcel Service International Data entry Operator

Mississauga, Ontario has a population of 3.7 million people. Hourly wage: $15.83
As a UPS Part-Time Warehouse Clerk, you will be in charge of package auditing to ensure that our customers’ items are handled securely and quickly.

Laborers in the Manufacturing Industry

(evening and night shifts positions)

Quebec City, QC: Hitachi Energy
Hourly wage: $24.52
The candidate must meet production needs in terms of product quality, environment, and health under the immediate supervision of the Operation’s Supervisor.

Shah Trading Company Scarborough, ON Packaging Worker –

(Evening Shift)

Clean machinery and work places in the immediate vicinity.
Pack products by hand into bags, cartons, or other containers.
Processors must be fed and unloaded.

Warehouse Team Members on a Seasonal Basis Tsawwassen, BC

$17.40 an hour 
Overnight, Early Morning, Day, Evening, and Weekend are all possible options.
From part-time jobs with a flexible schedule to full-time jobs with health-care benefits, there’s something for everyone. Ajax, ON +1 location

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Hourly pay ranges from $18.20 to $20.20.
Overnight, Early Morning, Day, Evening, and Weekend are all possible options.
From part-time jobs with a flexible schedule to full-time jobs with health-care benefits, there’s something for everyone.

Vancouver Coastal Health Porter Vancouver, BC

Hourly wage: $23.40
Clients of all ages with a wide range of illnesses and injuries, including deceased patients, are transported between various locations inside the hospital.


+3 sites in Brampton, ON
$15.00 per hour
Loading, unloading, shipping, receiving, scanning, sorting, and stocking packages are all responsibilities of this role.
Part-Time – Permanent is the job type.

National Defence Victoria, BC

$19.82 – $21.58 per hour Food Service Attendants & Kitchen Helpers
As a Food Service Attendant, you’ll be part of a team that helps with meal preparation and food delivery to customers.

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Any health and safety risks or concerns must be immediately reported to the immediate supervisor.
Will receive on-the-job training.
Bayshore is concerned about its employees’ health and safety.

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You will have the option to work a range of schedules, including days, evenings, overnights, and weekends, as a self-starter with a flexible schedule.

TD Bank Toronto, ON +2 locations Admin Assistant

Keep those in your immediate team informed and up to speed on project status/progress, as well as any relevant or beneficial day-to-day information.

Trouw Nutrition Sherwood Park, AB Bagger/Warehouse Worker
Sherwood Park Mill’s Plant Manager is the person in charge of this position.

SUMMARY OF THE POSITION: The Bagger Operator is in charge of the day-to-day operations and reports to the Plant Manager.

Frendel Kitchens Limited Mississauga

ON factory helper
An hourly wage of $16.75 – $17.25
Clean machinery and work places in the immediate vicinity.
13.5 kg maximum (30 lbs).
Perform additional labor-intensive and fundamental tasks.

Multiver Ltée

$17.00 per hour
Clean machinery and work places in the immediate vicinity.
weighing up to 23 kg (50 lbs).
Sort, pack, crate, and package products and supplies.
Sitting, standing, and walking are all used in combination.

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