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You must have heard and read so much good and bad stuffs about My Real Estate Tutor that you are tempted to wonder if there could be real or mere fallacies. My Real Estate Tutor Reviews is targeted at clearing your wonders.

In this post we shall let you see what users of my real estate tutor are saying about it. You shall read it in their own words exactly as they said it.

My Real Estate Tutor Reviews

These reviews have been gathered from testimonials of people in my real estate tutor website, followers from social media, web evaluation, technical evaluations and anonymous persons who shared their reviews with us.

In the end, you will be able to take a stand as to what my real estate tutor  is really.

My Real Estate Tutor Reviews from Social Media

Wendy Murphy

“My last home was in another state, and I hold a license to practice as a broker. I was able to better connect my prior knowledge with the requirements that are unique to Florida.

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Thanks to the Cram Course and the Thursday night sessions. I am overjoyed to report that, with John’s helpful instruction and the assistance of the specialized Broker Cram, I was able to pass the exam! Many thanks, John, for the wonderful instruction.”

My Real Estate Tutor Reviews : Susan Cramer

“Thank you very much, John! It was absolutely the right choice to participate in your weekend review session.

You provided a comprehensive explanation of the information, and the examples shed a lot of light on questions that I had.

Your memory aids have been of tremendous assistance to me and have made a significant impact in my life. I’m so glad I decided to go to the class!”

Amy Timko

“There are many positive things that can be said about this organization. I worked with John for both the weekend cram course and the private instruction that was also available.

I also participated in a study session for a cram test that was held on Thursday night.

They were SO extremely helpful even at my last minute request for private cram instruction because I had moved my exam up because of a last minute cancellation and I wanted to make sure that I was properly prepared.

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So knowledgeable about Florida real estate and exam preparation topics, as well as focused on what I needed to learn in order to feel one hundred percent secure going into my exam (which I did pass on the very first try!).”

My real estate tutor company review

The review got from a company evaluator reads:

“The proprietor of the website is remaining anonymous for security reasons. These details are then used by spammers to promote their services to the owners of websites. Because of this, the operators of several websites have made the decision to conceal their contact information.

However, con artists are also able to exploit this weakness in the system. Our algorithm assigns a high rating to the website in question if it is clear who the site’s proprietor is.”

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My real estate tutor webshop review

A webshop evaluation on my real estate tutor presents this review:

“When conducting our analysis, we always make sure to look at the Alexa ranking. In this instance, it was not that high.

A low rating on Alexa indicates that the website does not receive a significant number of visits. This makes sense for a freshly launched website.

The same may be said for a website that focuses on a very specific niche. If, on the other hand, the website claims to be associated with a significant corporation or a huge number of users, red flags should be raised.

This domain name has been registered by the proprietor of this website for a period of time that is more than one year. >>Box Real Estate – Give Your Home a Worth>

This indicates that he has the intention of keeping his website up and running for the foreseeable future.

Due to this fact, we were able to boost the Trust Score of, as the majority of con artists do not bother to renew their domain name when their fraud becomes widely known.

We were surprised to learn that the domain name of this website was actually registered quite some time ago.

Scammers typically have relatively recently launched websites. Despite this, you must exercise caution.

Scammers in today’s world will even buy already established websites in order to begin their fraudulent activities. It is still very important to look over a website for any other signs of a scam.”

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My real estate tutor technical review

Here is a review given by a technical evaluator:

“We were able to locate a legitimate SSL Certificate. The communication that takes place between your computer and the website can be made more secure with the use of an SSL certificate.

SSL certification can be obtained at a variety of different levels. There is also a free version accessible, and internet con artists make advantage of this version.

However, the absence of an SSL certificate is worse than the presence of one, particularly if you are required to provide your personal information.”

My Real Estate Tutor Reviews from anonymous persons

“I made the investment in the Florida License Law Cram Course and bought the mutual recognition option. I received two failing grades on the state exam.

The information that they supplied was essentially worthless. I wasted $100.00 on materials as well as my time studying, not to mention the time and money I invested in the exam.

I reached out to them via e-mail, but I never received any kind of response from them. I purchased yet another cram course from a different firm.

This one also contains all of the necessary information to pass the exam, plus the staff there is available to speak with you over the phone if you call them. Avoid dealing with this company at all costs; it’s a con.” >>All About We Had a Little Real Estate Problem>>


“On their website, I have previously been successful in logging in, but for some reason, the site is currently unresponsive. A login link was sent to me, but it was removed almost immediately.

I need a website that will work on any device, regardless of where I am or what I have with me. There is absolutely no functionality on the website.”

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