NCFTA Cyber-scholars Scholarship For Students Pursuing a Degree with a Focus on Cyber/IT Security.

NCFTA Announces new Cyber-scholars Scholarship program. The scholarship is for candidates who are pursuing a degree with a focus on cyber/IT security.

NCFTA Cyber-scholars Scholarship For Students Pursuing a Degree with a Focus on Cyber/IT Security.

if your focus is also on information, intelligence analysis, or programs with a similar area.

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Cybercriminals are on the verge of destroying world organizations, businesses, governments on many other precious things of the world.

Cybercrime has increased to its apex just like the world is technologically developing so cybercrime is developing at the same time.

It is important to understand that new technologies create a new type of cybercrimes.

Most cybercrime is an attack on information about individuals, corporations, or governments.


NFC has been a very good choice of people and a champion of public and private partnership and collaboration in the fight against cybercriminals,

The organization strongly believes in encouraging, supporting, and helping to grow a capable, diverse, and motivated cyber workforce.


The National cyber-forensics and training Alliance NFCTA  is a nonprofit organization founded the year 2002, the main focus of this organization is on identifying, mitigating, and neutralizing cybercrime threats through strategic alliances and partnerships.

Establishing a trusted relationship is critical to information sharing. at the same time sharing real-time information is important to the organization.

Getting to intelligence takes going beyond information and indicators. the team of analysts applies the human factor to information sharing and intelligence gathering.

The company tries to identify actionable intelligence for the industry and law enforcement partners.

When law enforcement needs help understanding an event it relies on the NCFTA community of industry partners to provide insight into the scope and impact of the threat.

when an industry needs a capable hand to handle the security in the industry, they go for the agencies that are from the organization (NFCTA)

The Organization has a technical way of finding out information while they keep the integrity of that information.

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Partnership information.

NCFTA Is always open to all the companies or organizations that are willing to work with them.  The organization has the ability to work with remote partners.

Remote partnership: if a company or an organization is unable to embed resources the partner may choose to join as a remote partner. The remote partner reaches through various communication channels, working groups, conference calls, webinars, and more other ways to communicate.

 The uniqueness of the organization

The unique environment allows for true collaboration and is always there for any spontaneous moment you need them.  The NCFTA  community includes cross-sector industry and law enforcement, at the same time, offers the opportunity to co-locate in the NCFTA neutral environment.

The organization is only open for a dedicated team of analysts working across initiatives as well as a community of trusted industries.

NCFTA Cyber-scholars program is to encourage students to pursue a cyber-related degree and seek careers in private and public service, also provide scholarships to deserving students, pursuing degrees in cybersecurity or related field of study.


1  The candidates must be pursuing a degree with a focus on cyber /IT security, or information assurance, intelligent analysis, or program with a similar focus area.

2  must be currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program at an accredited institution located in the U.S.

3  the candidate must be a US citizen or permanent legal resident with no record of a criminal offense.

3  The candidate must be attending classes on campus or online with an award period with a minimum GPA of 3.0

4 the candidate must be attending full time or part-time basis and must be taking at least 2 courses simultaneously.

5 Applicant must submit an official transcript or proof of enrollment if he or she is a first-year student.

must also provide proof of citizenship, one reference letter, and a personal statement.

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How to apply

Students must submit all the required documents at  [email protected] not later than the last day of submission.

The first group of selectees is toward in September 2021.

And all the needed materials are due between May 1 2021 and Midnight June 15, 2021

The following is the required material that you are to submit to [email protected] It should not be later than Midnight on the last day of submission.

For the first group selected you are expected to be awarded in September 2021 and all the material is to be ready between May 1, 2021, and Midnight June 15, 2021.

Provide the following material

  • Unofficial transcript(s) or most recent Academic institution
  • a document of resume and proof of citizenship
  • One academic or professional letter of recommendation outlining the following:
  • Length and nature of the relationship to the applicant.
  •  How has the applicant demonstrated his or her commitment to completing a degree in Cyber-related field of study?.
  • the applicant must be willing to and has the ability to work in team environment.
  •  the contact information of the applicant making the recommendation should further questions arise regarding the applicant

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The candidate personal statement should include the following:

  •  Why pursue chose your current academic and professional path.
  •   What is your main personal goal which you have set for yourself( it should include long term  and short term )
  •    You should also state why you need the scholarship.
  •  you must also provide the rule which cyber/ IT security play in  today’s world and why you wish to be part of it.

NOTE: the award will be sent directly to the winners. Not all applicants will receive scholarships and applicants will only be contacted in the event of the award. all the award winners will be posted n the NCFTA website unless otherwise not permitted.

No scholarship award will be automatically renewed.

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