Obamacare insurance: Full details

It is time you need to secure your insurance through Obamacare insurance, It is time for open enrolment.

An individual that wants to secure insurance can easily get insurance this time. Not only from Obamacare but from most other companies that are open to USA citizens.

It, is important to your insurance during the early month, of the year.

because during this time it is open to all even to those that have been restricted.

Obamacare Insurance: Get Details

You may need a love insurance to keep you and your spouse secured.

If you have been restricted from getting insurance from many companies, It is advisable to get it when there is open registration, and this is the time of the year.

What Is Obamacare?

Obamacare is a marketplace health insurance, which through the Affordable care  Act, it is made affordable, for many.

In case, you don’t know,  this is one of the main reasons most people, go for “Obamacare”.

You can secure health insurance from the company for just, $328, and more.

Although the price varies depending on the type of plane you want to secure, and the place you live.

If  you don’t have enough and you  want to secure health insurance or other forms of Coverage

You can hopefully look up to Obamacare.

It is important you understand health insurance terms and costs. before you venture to secure  For yourself and your family.

What are the terms to be familiar with in Obamacare Insurance?

Some of the terms you need to be familiar with are the following:


premium is the money or whatever you pay to the insurance company, in exchange for the companies services.

Some companies offer their customers the opportunity to offer the premium on a monthly basis, Some yearly basis, and others Quater year.

The good news on the affordable care plan is that are tax credits available to offset the cost of health insurance, premiums.

If you have the opportunity, get health insurance through work, then your employer pays the premiums for you, monthly or yearly.

You need to have in you can get a mind that before you can get the insurance you must have the finance, to cover your premium, unless the case where the affordable care act has helped, in reducing the cost of the payment.

Health savings account:

This form of savings account can allow you to save up to, $3,350 or 4,350 If you are up to 55, in the Pre-tex dollars to be used for your medical expenses.

Sometimes many people think that an HSA account is the same thing as the Flexible Spending Account, but they are different.

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The difference is that the HSA account is connected to your job, and allows you to save pre-tax, Money you can use when you do not have money in your pocket for medical expenses.

Money in the HSA account Remains there until you need it.

While the money in the FSA Fund must be depleted before your coverage time expires.

Obamacare insurance: Copay

This is the amount that you owe the Insurance company, each time you receive any form of medical care.

Copay differs depending on the kind of services you are getting from the company.

For example, you may have to pay a certain amount of money (copay) of $20  for each visit you make to your GP and about $50 for each visit to the specialist.

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It is important that you read you’re fine print to find out how your coverage works.  As you have to aspect that you can use the copayment to reach the threshold for the deductible.

Obamacare insurance: POS

The full meaning of POS is the “point of service“. It is important to notice that you cant, receive services directly from the specialist.

First, you have to go through the doctor who will be, your referrer.

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Also, you must see the doctor in other to refer you to the specialist who will take care of your treatment.

Also, when seeking help from an out-of-network physician may result in a high increase of medical expenses.

Obamacare insurance: PPO

The full meaning of PPO is “preferred provider organization“.  On a preferred provider Organisation, plan your insurer can pay a portion of your bill if you visit a doctor or specialist outside, your network.


The full meaning of HMO is Health maintenance organization.

This form of plan can give the most flexible amount of premium. you can consider this when you want to choose, a health insurance provider.

Discover the pros and cons of Obamacare Insurance.

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