Quick steps to fix phone/PC plugin not charging

phone/laptop plug-in not charging solve. Many people have these similar experiences of plugging their phone but it doesn’t charge.

Quick steps to fix phone/PC plugin not charging
If you are in this shoe? Don’t worry there are more quick steps to fix plugged in not charging

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phone/laptop plug in not charging solve


Most of the time the is faulty. So make sure there’s power on the socket.

Secondly, check the adapter to know if there’s power on it.

Use a meter to read the charger to sure the fault is not coming from the adapter.

Most of the time one gets mad at his/her gadget on any slight error please don’t get mad at it.

do not disassemble gadgets without knowing the fault.

If there’s no power on the socket set it well.

The battery of the pc /phone

After checking the socket and the adapter, the next important thing to examine is the Battery.

The battery is one of the most delicate parts of the gadget, the Battery always gets plugged into the light almost every day.

therefore there’s the possibility that the Battery can get weak when other parts of the pc /phone are still intact. There are many causes of weak battery

1.High voltage

the adapter used to charge the system may have a high voltage thereby supplying more than needed power to the Battery and weaken the cells.

2.Battery always on power supply

most people prefer leaving their gadgets always on the light, to enable them to have a full battery percentage.

 charging it overnight causes serious harm to the battery life.

To preserve the life of the Battery, once it is fully charged unplug the Battery from the power supply.

charging the phone overnight is not advisable if you want your battery to be healthy.

Charging and operation(phone/laptop plug in not charging solve)

people operate their gadgets while in charge.

It is not advisable to run high performances on the phone or P.C while on the light

it consumes more than needed at the same time stressing and weakening the Battery life.

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Low voltage

these have harmful effects on the Battery especially the P.C.

it is worth knowing that low voltage burns the adapter easier than any other thing.

therefore be mindful of the voltage of the light before plugging your P.c on it.

Avoid the use of a small( I pass my neighbors) generator to charge your p.c it is harmful to both the P.c battery and the adapter itself. And it can easily burn the charger.

phone/laptop plug in not charging solve, more tips

Charging I.C

this one might be a bit technical and can only be attended by those who have the technical know-how.

But it can still be fixed, the charging I.C is responsible for the charging and adding in the percentage of the battery.

Most of the time when the charging I.C is faulty there will be an indication that the system is plugged in, but the battery percentage will not increase.

plug-in not charging and plug-in charger not detected these are indications of faulty charging I.C.

in some phones, the charging i.c is located at the down panel, and others at the motherboard. As I said earlier, a technician can change the I.C easily.

Third party app

some applications interfere with the charging of the phone especially if it is one of the examples of this sensitive phone iPhone, blackberry, and  L.G products

. some of the app installed on unsecured servers may have harmful effects on the phone. the thing to do is to install from your phone’s app world, normal android can use the play store and blackberry can use blackberry world.

Avoid apps running in the background, or operating the phone while on charge.  uninstall any app you found out to interfere with the charging.

after doing some of this, restart your phone to solve some software crashes. you can do a factory reset on the phone or laptop, thereby eliminating the app settings account and other storage files.

Troubleshoot the device

when this type of problem comes up unexpectedly just go to the setting of your PC scroll down and troubleshoot the power option.

The PC will diagnose the system and come up with the fault and provide options for fixing the fault.

You can also choose a complete system to troubleshoot to find and fix other related problems at the same time.

Clean the charging pot

One of the causes of this charging problem is when there’s debris inside the pot

You don’t need to be professional to do this, just get a toothbrush and buy a methylated spirit touch the brush on the spirit.

Then use it to clean the charging port. after cleaning it leave it to dry before checking if it has worked. if it doesn’t work try using a different charger.

Unauthorized accessories(phone/laptop plug in not charging solve)

some phones and laptops don’t work with all other power cuds.

Some accessories are licensed by the producer and some microchips are attached to it.

In other to recognize the charging, you use another power cud on this type of device it will not charge.

Go for the authorized accessories of your typical product.

Its type charges faster and causes no harm to the device.

you have also understood that all charging cuds are not the same check the one you are suing before in case you have to change it, it may be USB 3.0, 2.0, or other types, the difference in amperage can cause not charging especially in laptops.

Dead battery cells

one thing that is hard to understand is that all battery has it on the expiry date, you may have been using your phone for a long time, your battery may have completely run out of the cycle and cannot accept power anymore.

Sometimes the battery leak as a result of the phone falling on the ground especially some of these in-built batteries.

You have to also consider how the problem started, does it start gradually from the battery no longer hold capacity for a long time? or does it suddenly start, this will help you know the exact problem with the phone.

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