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In this article on Purdue Beering Scholarship, the Beering Scholarship pays for a bachelor’s degree, one master’s degree, and either a Ph.D.

or professional degree in medicine, veterinary medicine, or pharmacy at Purdue University, as well as study abroad money. Autumn is from Michigan City, Indiana, and will study Public Health at Purdue Honors College.

purdue beering scholarship

Scholars of Beer:

In addition to their home disciplinary college, the Beering Scholars enroll in the Honors College.

Purdue’s ninth president, Dr. Steven C. Beering, established the Beering Scholarship program by raising private donations for the endowment.

The Beering Scholarship awardees can attend Purdue University for one bachelor’s degree, one master’s degree, or an MBA, and one Ph.D. degree, or Indiana University for medical school. The program also includes a one-semester study abroad option and accompanying educational expenditures.

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A full-ride scholarship named for a former Purdue president is available to students.

Purdue University has released its list of this year’s top freshmen, dubbed the Beering Scholars.

Prior to starting at Purdue, Beering Scholars are awarded the full-ride Steven C. Beering Scholarship. President Beering established the scholarship in the 1980s in order to attract more competitive students to campus. Jo Ann Brown, a senior assistant director in the Office of Admissions, has been involved with the Beering Scholarship program since it was taken over by the office in 2000.

We call it a full-ride scholarship because it allows winners to pursue their educational ambitions without having to worry about money, debt, or cost. “(Beering’s) goal was to bring ‘the best and the brightest students to our institution,” Brown stated.

Students who have been accepted to the university are encouraged to apply for the Beering Scholarship, which requires a lengthy application process. According to Brown, around 120-135 admitted students will be invited to apply. Candidates are picked based on their SAT score, which must be approximately 2200 on a 2400 scale, their ACT composite score of 34, and a 3.8 GPA on a 4.0 scale, according to Brown.

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“There are no specific minimums for being invited (to apply) because it depends on the pool; we start with exam scores and GPA,” Brown explained. “It’s not the scholarship that gets them invited; it’s the invitation that gets them the scholarship.”

This year’s scholars are Christopher Brian Bosma of Indianapolis, Eric Robert Nielson of West Lafayette, Christopher Lee Hanselman of New Palestine, Indiana, Michael Aaron Lively of Waterford, Michigan, and Johanna Rennie Smith of Somerset, Wisconsin, and Andrew Norbert Martin of Decatur, Illinois.

The Beering Scholarship pays for a bachelor’s degree and allows recipients to pursue one master’s degree, an MBA, or a Ph.D. degree at Purdue University or medical school at Indiana University. The scholarship also covers one semester of study abroad, as well as lodging & board, books, and miscellaneous expenses. While the Beering Scholarship is referred to as “full-ride,” it is not in terms of room and board, according to Brown.

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“We call it a full ride, but really it isn’t because it only covers the cost of Purdue’s education, which includes average housing and board, as you know.” Students might choose to live in a more expensive residence hall, but they would have to pay the difference. Brown explained that the scholarship will “pay the published room and board fee.” “We call it a full ride for the sake of simplicity.”

The expected cost of room and board for the 2010-11 school year is around $9,100.

Brown emphasized the uniqueness of this award, which covers a master’s, Ph.D., or medical school degree. Brown expressed her surprise at the number of students who have turned down a scholarship that provides a wide range of opportunities for the recipients.

“It never ceases to astonish me that we are sometimes turned down,” she remarked. “Sometimes it’s the name,” says the narrator. These are the absolute best pupils, the ones who will have a variety of possibilities and who will be sought after by a variety of institutions.

“It’s a battle of money vs. name.” This is a fun task for these students. Is it Purdue or Harvard? Harvard is going to be the most well-known.”

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Another common pattern among Beering Scholars is to earn a bachelor’s and master’s degree at Purdue before moving on to pursue a Ph.D. elsewhere. Brown believes that money plays a role in these students’ actions.

She explained, “They can afford to travel somewhere else since they have very little if any, debt.” Brown mentioned a number of Beering Scholars who have gone on to Yale, Stanford, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to pursue their doctorates.

Purdue Beering Scholarship:

The Beering Scholarship is a fantastic deal, with out-of-state students receiving roughly $500,000 in aid. It covers the typical cost of three degrees (tuition, lodging, and board) as well as funding for a study-abroad experience. Once admitted to Purdue, scholarship winners are chosen through an invitation-only process. After that, a committee evaluates the applications, conducts interviews, and selects the winners.

Caitlin’s parents, Matt and Suzy Blanchard remarked, “We are familiar with ‘full ride’ scholarships that cover four years of undergrad but have never heard of one this extensive.” “Having her as a Beering Scholar is such an honor and blessing. “We are incredibly proud of her.”

Blanchard wants to go to pharmacy school and work in pharmaceutical research.

“I have Tourette Syndrome, so I’ve tried a variety of indirect drugs because there aren’t any that can treat it directly,” Caitlin Blanchard explained. “I’ve had a hard time dealing with it, and it’s had a social effect on me as well. If there is anything I can do to alleviate the suffering of future generations, I will gladly do it.”

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Students are chosen based on their academic achievements and leadership abilities in high school. Purdue’s ninth president, Dr. Steven C. Beering, conceived the initiative and gathered private donations for the endowment.

The Beering Scholarship Application Process

Purdue University accepts applications through the Common App.

To be considered for the Beering Scholarship at Purdue, a student must:

  • Be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States.
  • As an entering first-year student, apply to Purdue West Lafayette and complete the Honors College section of the Purdue application by November 1

Purdue candidates will be given a preliminary holistic review based on their admissions application, and a chosen number of students will be encouraged to compete for several distinguished Purdue merit awards, including the Beering Scholarship.

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Scholarship Description:

During his tenure as president of Purdue University, Dr. Steven C. Beering established the Beering Scholarship in 1986. With an estimated worth of $250,000-$500,000, each Beering Scholar is completely sponsored to pursue a bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate, or professional degree from Purdue University. Ph. D.s, D.V.M.s, or Pharm. D.s from Purdue, as well as an M.D. from the Indiana University School of Medicine, is among the doctoral and professional degrees covered by the scholarship.

The scholarship covers full tuition and a living stipend for Beering Scholars for the duration of their studies, as well as the added expense of a semester-long study abroad program.
Beering Scholars are commonly awarded other prominent graduate and undergraduate scholarships, such as Fulbright, Truman, Marshall, Boren, and Udall.

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Beering Scholars must be members of Purdue University’s Honors College and must spend their first year on campus in the Honors College & Residences, which opened in 2016. The Beering Scholar Student Association (BSSA) offers current Beering Scholars an organizational home at Purdue, arranging community activities, service projects, and mentorship between scholars and teachers. BSSA also maintains active ties to the Beering alumni network.

After being chosen for the Beering Scholarship, all candidates are asked to visit Purdue for an event called “New Scholar Day.” Purdue Honors College and the Beering Scholar Student Association organize New Scholar Day, which includes information sessions regarding the scholarship, meetings with relevant faculty and student organizations, a campus tour, and introductions to current Beering Scholars.

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Criteria for Scholarships:

Early-action Purdue University students who express interest in and apply to the Honors College are automatically eligible for various grants, including the Trustees Scholarship and the Emerging Leaders Scholarship.

All Trustees Scholarship or Emerging Leaders Scholarship recipients who have expressed interest in and applied to the Honors College are then invited to apply for the Beering Scholarship separately.

The Purdue University Office of Admissions determines whether you are a Trustees scholar or an Emerging Leader scholar. These scholarships are automatically considered for any early-action Purdue University applicant who applies for admission to the Honors College.

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Trustees Scholarship:

  • $16,000 per year (nonresidents), $10,000 per year (Indiana residents)
  • The deadline is November 1 (no other action is required outside of submitting the Common or Coalition App).
  • Approximately 100 are distributed each year.
  • Awards are decided after a thorough examination. – Outstanding academic accomplishment; school/community leadership and service
  • The admission decision is accompanied by a notification.

Leaders in the Making:

  • Purdue’s Division of Diversity and Inclusion administers this program, which has historically been focused on URM students.
  • Currently undergoing administrative reform, thus current qualifying conditions are unknown, however, it has historically focused on awarding scholarships to Purdue College of Science applicants.
  • Covers a major percentage of Purdue University tuition.
  • At the time of acceptance to Purdue University, students will be informed of their status as Trustees or Emerging Leader scholars.

Students who are chosen will receive a separate invitation in December or January to apply for the Beering award.

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