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When doing business with a company, one of the many things you must understand perfectly is the company’s terms and conditions. Terms and conditions is a very important area in  the real estate business.

A good understanding of a company’s terms and conditions saves a client from so many stress because such client knows what to do, when to do it and how to do it.

In this article, we have taken time to bring to you in full details an  updated terms and condition of Real Estate Lab. We have also given a light to some other things about Real Estate Lab that you should know as an active customer or a prospective customer.

Some other things you should know as an active or a prospective customer such as a concise history of Real Estate Lab, Real Estate Lab Academy and Real Estate Lab Team.

Real Estate Lab

What is Real Estate Lab

David Toupin, the creator of Real Estate Lab, began investing in real estate at the age of 19 and bought more than $100 million in multifamily real estate assets in less than six years.

David saw how much time underwriting took away from his capacity to discover and complete business, so he built his own analysis tool in Microsoft Excel.

With little significant marketing, the Excel template became one of the most extensively used underwriting tools in the industry, with thousands of downloads from his own website.

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Inspired by the success of that Excel template, David launched and personally funded Real Estate Lab in 2020, and REL set out to develop the greatest acquisition and underwriting solutions in the business with co-founders Alex Rits and Stephen Nagrant.

Real Estate Lab began building Acquisitions Platform, as well as other products like as our paid networking community, virtual training course, and other tools, to deliver value to consumers regardless of where they are in their investment career.

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Real Estate Lab Goals

To be constantly acknowledged in the United States as an excellent real estate investing solutions firm.

Real Estate Lab Purpose

Real Estate Lab supplies real estate investors with cutting-edge materials and solutions.

This mission is accomplished by:

  • Creating a culture of innovation and excellence
  • At all times, striving to provide superior customer experiences
  • Creating a well-known brand based on thought leadership
  • Adding value to the lives of all stakeholders
  • Taking a leadership role in the community

Meet Real Estate Lab Professional Team

Real Estate Lab Team is made up of 4 real estate business professionals. These persons have over their many years of experience in the real estate business gathered so much experience such that every client of real estate lab have so much to gain from them.

Meet these professional today:

David Toupin, the Chief Executive Officer & Founder of Real Estate Lab

David is a real estate investor and serial entrepreneur.

He bought approximately $100 million in multifamily real estate assets in under six years, establishing himself as one of the foremost experts in the study and acquisition of major multifamily properties at such a young age.

David utilized Microsoft Excel to construct one of the most extensively used multifamily analysis tools, racking up thousands of downloads despite spending no money on promotion.

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David uses his financial and analytical talents to streamline the multifamily acquisitions process, ensuring that investors are investing in safe properties with high returns.

David has an investment banking experience and a Finance degree from the University of Detroit Mercy.

You can schedule a call with any of the tem members anytime for business.

Stephen Nagrant, the Chief Marketing Officer & Co-Founder of Real Estate Lab

Stephen is a marketing and business development professional with over 15 years of expertise in establishing ideas, campaigns, and procedures that have resulted in over $336 million in B2B sales.

Stephen spent over a decade in professional athletics before joining Real Estate Lab, where he led a marketing agency.

Stephen interned with the Grand Rapids Griffins and worked for Intersport to establish the Rocket Mortgage Classic (an award-winning PGA TOUR tournament in Detroit).

He also worked for the Detroit Red Wings to operate the 2014 Winter Classic, close Joe Louis Arena, and open Little Caesars Arena.

Stephen graduated from Grand Valley State University with a bachelor’s degree and Western Michigan University with a master’s degree.

Alex Rits, the Sales Director & Co-Founder

Alex is a sales leader who has signed up over 100 people for the REL Community and built a funnel that will bring in thousands of new users.

Alex was the Director of Operations for Obsidian Capital Co. before joining REL.

Alex has four years of expertise in multifamily property purchases, asset management, and marketing.

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Before pursuing a career in multifamily real estate, Alex spent 5 years running a multiple site A-credit franchise firm, successfully growing the company from one to five locations.

Alex graduated from Oakland University with a bachelor’s degree.

Danny Aguirre, Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Danny is a real estate investor, a US Air Force engineer, and a seasoned social media marketer.

For nearly four years, Danny has been promoting and expanding the brands of real estate enterprises.

Danny has worked with businesses to help them build their brands, scale their marketing, and grow their user base across different social media platforms.

Danny recently served in the United States Air Force on active service.

Real Estate Lab Academy

Real Estate Lab Academy curriculum is split into 9 chapters with 11 sections.

Each chapter contains an area of concentration for participants.

Here is a comprehensive list of the contents of the curriculum beginning from 1 to 11:

        Course curriculum

  • Introduction: Welcome to the REL Multifamily Investing Course
  • Chapter 1: Multifamily Industry Basic Terms
  • Chapter 2: Starting Your Company
  • Chapter 3: Finding A Deal
  • Chapter 4: Underwriting Deals
  • Chapter 5: Structuring the Deal
  • Chapter 6: Locking Up The Deal
  • Chapter 7: Transaction Process
  • Chapter 8: Raising Capital
  • Chapter 9: Financing
  • Bonus Sections

Checkout the details of the chapters here.

Real Estate Lab Terms and Conditions

The T&C of Real Estate Lab are comprehensively given in 32 sections. Each of these sections contains the DOs and DON’Ts of the company as regards each given area in transacting with the company.

For a smooth business, it is recommended that a client should know the terms and conditions of a company he or she is dealing with correctly.

Below are the sections into which real  estate lab terms and conditions are discussed:

1. Intellectual property right
2. User representations
3. User registration
4. Fees and payments
5. Free trial
6. Cancellation
7. Software
8. Prohibited activities
9. User generated contributions
10. Contribution license
11. Guidelines for reviews
12. Mobile application license
13. Social media
14. Submissions
15. Third party websites and contents

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16. Advertisers
17. U.S. Government rights
18. Site management
19. Privacy policy
20. Copyright infringements
21. Term and terminations
22. Modification and interruptions
23. Governing law
24. Dispute resolutions
25. Corrections
26. Disclaimer
27. Limitations of liability
28. Indemnification
29. User data
30. Electronic communications, transactions and signatures
31. California users and residents
32. Miscellaneous

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