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Broker/owner, inventor, Investor. Greg Vander Wel Vander Wel has a lengthy history of making investments in the real estate market of Central Florida.

Since beginning his career in real estate in 1999, Greg Vander Wel has worked tirelessly to construct the Realnet brokerage from the ground up.

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When it comes to assisting clients in maximizing their profits during the purchasing and selling of real estate, Greg’s team of nearly 200 certified Florida Real Estate Agents has established a track record of success.

Realnet Real Estate

Realnet customers receive guidance of the highest caliber from an experienced and successful broker and investor.

This individual has been through both the good times and the bad, and he will utilize his knowledge to safeguard your money and ensure your continued success.

Steps to buying a home in Realnet Real Estate

Loan Pre-qualification

Getting prequalified by a lender is the first thing you need to do if you want to figure out how much house you can afford to buy.

A lender will conduct this procedure in order to evaluate your assets, liabilities, credit, and income in order to arrive at an estimate of the amount of the monthly mortgage payment that you will be able to pay.

When compiling documentation for lenders, it is essential to be very detailed so that the lenders can make an accurate determination of how much of a mortgage payment you can afford.

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It’s possible that resolving any problematic aspects of your credit history will be another element of the pre-qualification procedure.

There are a lot of lenders out there who are professionals in pointing you in the direction of some techniques to quickly increase your credit score, which can help you get a home loan.

Real Estate Agent – Realnet Real Estate

Choosing a real estate agent to work with is the next significant step in the process of purchasing a house.

Every reputable real estate agent will have their own website as well as some social media, which is a huge asset to buyers because it allows buyers to do their research and get a sense of who the realtor is and who they will be working with before making the commitment to ask the realtor to assist them in finding a home.

After you have selected a real estate agent who you believe to be an expert in the field, you should be prepared to let that person guide you through the process of purchasing a property.

There is a possibility that a great number of unforeseen obstacles will appear, and that certain circumstances will become difficult.

If you select an experienced agent, they will be able to handle a significant portion of those stressors and contribute to making the process of purchasing a property a pleasurable one for you.

Select Neighborhoods and Homes Based on Criteria – Realnet Real Estate

It is essential for prospective buyers to understand that our Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is very effective and will generate automatic emails whenever there are new residences available on the market that meet your criteria.

When your real estate agent asks what criteria you are looking for in a property, make sure to give the agent a detailed answer.

The reason for this is that the more information you provide the agent, the better home searches the agent will be able to put up for you on MLS.

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This will result in you spending your time looking at properties that match what it is that you’re searching for, rather than wasting time looking at houses that do not meet your requirements and criteria.

Make Offers

When it comes to buying real estate, one of the more challenging aspects is ensuring that you don’t become emotionally connected to a property before you actually own it.

We strongly suggest having a conversation about potential offers (either in terms of price or terms) with your realtor’s expert on Realnet.

Due to the fact that our real estate agents engage in talks of this nature on a daily basis, we are skilled negotiators who can assist you in obtaining the most favorable selling price for your property.

House Examining Services

The next stage, after finding a home that you are interested in purchasing and signing a contract with the seller, is to have inspections carried out on the property.

You should be prepared to invest some money on these home inspections, which will protect you and ensure that the house is what you are expecting and that there won’t be any surprises further down the line. Every prospective buyer should get a survey, a house inspection, an appraisal, and a termite inspection at the very least, according to our recommendations.

Loan Documents

You should anticipate that your lender will want some additional documentation from you when it gets to the underwriting stage of your loan while they are preparing it.

Underwriting is analogous to going through your loan file with a fine-tooth comb, and lenders frequently need more information and financial documentation to ensure that the monthly payments would be feasible.

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If your lender requests additional documentation, try not to worry too much about it because this circumstance applies to practically every loan.


The day of the closing is the very last stage in the process of purchasing a home. On the day of the closing, the parties will normally gather at a title business or an attorney’s office.

At this point, the last few touches are put on all of the documents, including the deed, closing statements, and title policies. As soon as you walk out of the closing, the home is legally yours; CONGRATULATIONS on your new ownership!

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Steps to selling a home in Realnet Real Estate

Curb Appeal

Realnet Real Estate: When people are trying to get top cash for their property, they so frequently neglect the importance of the home’s curb appeal.

Improving the appearance of the front of the house and the surrounding landscaping can have a significant impact on the property’s curb appeal.

Some houses are more tastefully designed and have a lot of curb appeal, but the curb appeal of any house can be increased, even if the house itself does not have the most attractive shape.

Walls, fences, and the driveway should all be power-washed using a pressure washer.

Because of the consistent heat and humidity in Central Florida, pressure washing is a far more cost-effective option than painting, and it will make a noticeable improvement once any mold or mildew that was present has been eliminated.

Make use of plants and landscaping to increase the appeal of your property. A home that has an atmosphere reminiscent of tropical Florida is sure to draw buyers at some point.

To increase the allure of your property from the street, you might want to think about planting some exotic palms and other plants that put on a show. >>Aero Real Estate: Get a Complete Detail>>

Weekend Warrior Projects

Even the simplest of our responsibilities on these lists go unchecked the vast majority of the time.

When you are getting your house ready to go on the market, you should prepare to complete some weekend warrior projects.

When it comes to prepping your home, touching up the paint is one of the simplest and most satisfying things you can do.

You may quickly inspect your home for dents, scratches, and areas where the paint has worn off by using a can of touch-up paint.

You can also add paint to spots where the paint has worn off.

It’s exciting to do touch-up painting because, with relatively little effort and time invested, you can completely transform the appearance of your home and give your walls a fresh, brand-new appearance.

Additionally, now is the moment to clean up any repairs that have been put off for too long.

Make it a point to spend a weekend attending to all the unfinished business that has been piling up on your to-do list.

Don’t put it off until the last second! Your first home showing will here before you realize it, so make sure that your property is looking its absolute best so that it can fetch the highest possible price. >>20th Century Real Estate: Complete Information>>

Front Door

Realnet Real Estate: Put some effort into decorating the front door to demonstrate to prospective purchasers how warm and inviting this home is to guests.

In addition to hanging a new wreath on the door, make sure to give it a thorough cleaning.

Dust and filth have a propensity to accumulate on front doors.

When you take the time to organize and clean your front door, you can make a significant impact on the atmosphere that visitors experience as they enter your home.


Getting rid of clutter is of critical significance. In Florida, where I live, we don’t have basements, and I think we can all admit that our homes are too cluttered.

Consider renting a storage unit temporarily while you are in the process of selling your home.

Using the services of a storage company such as PODS, you will have the chance to clear out all of the clutter and storage items from your home.

When you remove the clutter from your home and make it apparent to potential buyers what each space is used for, your house will present itself in the best possible light.

Open the door to the Light!

Nothing makes a house feel more like a home than opening up the curtains and letting in lots of natural light.

While you are trying to sell your property, make it a habit to keep the blinds open, remove anything from your windows that could potentially block light, and let as much natural light as possible to enter your home. >>Carr Real Estate Group>>

Dirt and Pets

There will be a lot of people going through your home while it is on the market for sale, so you will need a strategy to keep everything appearing neat and organized at this time.

In addition to the fact that you, the homeowner, should make extra efforts to maintain the cleanliness of the home, it is also a smart idea to have a professional cleaning crew come in once a week to clean the home.

Keep in mind that your potential buyers will be going around the home, which will result in significantly more foot traffic than normal.

We need to be ready for all of the additional dirt that will enter the property, and we want the home to look great for ANY prospective buyer that comes to see it.

If you own a pet, you should make it a habit to regularly change the litter box, use a pooper scooper in the yard, and clean up any pet hair that may have accumulated. >>ibroker Real Estate – Cloud Real Estate Service>>

When trying to sell your home, it is critical to ensure that it does not have any unpleasant scents caused by pets.

Reach out to realnet real estate for your home selling today.

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