Is Scholarship Owl Legit? Here’s What You Need To Know

If you’re looking for college scholarships, you’ve probably heard of ScholarshipOwl. You may have visited the website and pondered if Scholarship Owl is a scam or if the money is worth it. To make things easier for you, we’ve put together a comprehensive ScholarshipOwl review that includes all of those information and more.

Scholarship owl

Continue reading to learn more about ScholarshipOwl, including what it is, how it works, and whether it is worth your time and money

What is ScholarshipOwl?

Simply put, ScholarshipOwl is a scholarship application site and search engine.

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Its most well-known feature is its scholarship application, which requires interested students to provide information such as their birthday, planned field of study, current grade level, and other details.

This simplifies the application process, allowing students to apply for many scholarships without having to re-enter the same information.

Students can use the search engine tool to find scholarships that are comparable to those they’ve already applied for, increasing their chances of winning.

Although applying for scholarships is as simple as clicking a button, many of the scholarships on the site also need essays or other information.

We strongly advise you to do some of these as well in order to increase your chances of earning a scholarship, especially if the topic is something you’re passionate about!

ScholarshipOwl will keep track of your scholarships for you after you’ve submitted your applications. This way, you’ll know which positions you’ve applied for and can rest assured that your applications were received.

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 How Does Scholarship Owl  Work?

You must first register to utilize ScholarshipOwl.

“So, I have to fill in my information more than once?” you might wonder.

Nope! The application procedure is the sign-up process. You only have to enter your information once when signing up because it is the same information that will be used to find you scholarships.

Your education level, gender, date of birth, ethnicity, citizenship status, high school (and graduation date), college, subject of study, GPA, career ambition, residence, and a few other details about yourself are among the information required.

After signing up, you’ll be automatically eligible to win their “You Deserve It” Scholarship, which is given out monthly to a 16+ U.S. resident. Fill out our brief scholarship matching quiz to enter.

You should also be able to access the scholarship directory at this point, which will suggest scholarships that “fit” the information you’ve provided.

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Each scholarship’s name, deadline, and amount given may be found with a quick glance. To learn more about the scholarship, go to the website that hosts it and click “View T&C.”

Is ScholarshipOwl a free service?

ScholarshipOwl is a “freemium” service in the sense that it offers some basic services for free while charging for more “premium” capabilities. So, which aspects of ScholarshipOwl are free and which aren’t?

That is an excellent question. It is completely free to create a ScholarshipOwl account and examine your scholarship matches.

The option to apply for scholarships directly from the site, on the other hand, is not (note that the “You Deserve It!” Scholarship is free).

There are a few different payment plans available, each with its own set of features, costs, and paying intervals. Here’s a basic rundown of what each one entails:

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Payment Plans for ScholarshipOwl

Note: You can apply for scholarships through the site with any payment plan. Only the aspects that distinguish each payment plan are listed in the separate breakdowns per payment plan (see below).

  • VIP
  1. Monthly cost: $69
  2. billed on a monthly basis


  • Renewable scholarships were automatically re-applied for.
  • Every month, have one (1) 500-word essay professionally reviewed.
  • 6+ hours of financial aid/college admissions information
  • You’ll be assigned a personal account manager.


  • Monthly cost: $20
  • billed on a monthly basis


  1. Reapply for repeat scholarships automatically.
  2. 7-day free trial


  1. Monthly cost: $15
  2. Every three months, you will be billed.


  1. Reapply for repeat scholarships automatically.
  2. 7-day free trial

Every six months

  1. Monthly fee: $10
  2. Every six months, you will be billed.


  1. Reapply for repeat scholarships automatically.
  2. 7-day free trial

You may have observed that the Monthly, Quarterly, and Half-Yearly plans all offer the same services at varying costs, however the VIP plan adds on more features and content.

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If you’re considering the Monthly, Quarterly, or Half-Yearly plan, we recommend giving the free 7-day trial a try before committing to the service.

is scholarship owl legit?

Yes, ScholarshipOwl is a reliable and legitimate scholarship application service. There are certain alternatives that demand payment, however they are only available as an option.

Students still benefit from their free, basic services. A direct link to the scholarship’s website is provided for each “scholarship match,” allowing students to apply immediately from there (without paying).

Is ScholarshipOwl, however, worthwhile? Let’s have a look…

Is ScholarshipOwl a Good Investment?

This is a highly subjective question. Whether ScholarshipOwl is worthwhile depends on whether you place a higher value on your time or your money (along with other factors, of course).

ScholarshipOwl makes it easier for students to start and finish their scholarship applications while also keeping track of their progress.

However, after looking through a number of scholarship websites, I’ve discovered that ScholarshipOwl isn’t the only one of its kind (and not the cheapest either).

We’ll go into alternatives later, but for now, ScholarshipOwl’s free edition comes highly recommended. You won’t be able to apply for scholarships directly on the website this way, but we promise it’s not that difficult to fill out scholarship applications by hand.

If filling out the same information over and over again bores you, consider listening to music or a podcast while doing so.

Let’s look at the choices now!

ScholarshipOwl alternatives

While ScholarshipOwl’s application element is unique, there are a number of comparable websites that present students with lists of suggested scholarships.

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If you’re not sure about ScholarshipOwl and want to try something different, check these:


Scholarships360 is a completely free website that requires no registration. We give scholarship listings (with direct links) categorized by categories such as major, background, interests, and more.

They also include information on student loans, how to apply for scholarships, the FAFSA, and other topics

Scholarships from Chegg

Chegg Scholarships is another free scholarship website that does not require registration. Students can hunt up certain types of scholarships by using keywords, or they can enter their grade level, GPA, and age to see “scholarship matches.” Students can also look at colleges using the “Explore Colleges” tab on the website.


Scholly is probably the most similar to ScholarshipOwl that you can find. Signing up is essential, and it asks for information about each student so that scholarships can be assigned to them.

Each scholarship comes with a set of scores (“Scholly Scores”), and it is recommended that students apply to the ones with the highest scores first.

Scholly is not free, although it is less expensive than ScholarshipOwl (the cheapest plan costs $2.92 per month).

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America’s Scholarship Program

Another website that allows students to search for scholarships for free is Scholarship America. Although there are a limited amount of scholarships available, you can apply directly on the website. Students can sort scholarships by availability and state/territory to limit their options.


The final scholarship website we’ll look at is Cappex, which allows students to browse scholarships for free. Registration is not required to look for scholarships on the site, but it is required to apply.

These are only a few of the ScholarshipOwl choices; they are by no means exhaustive. Whether or whether ScholarshipOwl is a good fit for you, several of these websites give additional college-related information that may be helpful in your scholarship or college quest.

We also encourage checking them out, and we wish you luck with your applications!

What is the best way to tell if a scholarship is genuine?

What a great question! When researching scholarships, there are a few warning signs to keep an eye out for. If an application fee (or any payment) is required, an outcome is “assured,” or personal financial information is demanded, the scholarship may be a fraud.

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