Available Scholarships for Students and Aspirants in Belgium

We will let you know in this Article all the available Scholarships in Belgium with the country ranked as one of the best locations for international students, Belgium provides a place for people looking abroad.

The education system has been improving and now offers many opportunities that will help you reach your goals in no time at all!

In this blog post, we are going to show all the available scholarship opportunities to study in the country.

If you want to study in Belgium in English, there is a large number of universities to choose from – many of which are highly reputed, top-ranked institutions.

The university of KU Leuven is Belgium’s largest, oldest, and most prestigious educational institution. It was founded in 1425 by the Jesuits during religious upheaval throughout Europe at that time when people were leaving Catholicism for Protestantism or Lutheran reforms which sparked much violence between faiths – but not here!

Located just outside Brussels it has a stunning reputation for research with its graduates often making names themselves among some 50 countries’ top academics ranking system. The philosopher Erasmus once attended classes held within these very walls while another famous alumnus Gerard Mercator created what would become one standard map projection used today: ‘The Merced Map Projection’. Check out the list of scholarships for international students

Founded in 1817, Ghent University is younger by far but also well-regarded in the world rankings, coming in the top 100. Covering 11 campuses, international students generally number about 10% of the 41,000 student population. All bachelor programs are taught in Dutch here, but many of the Masters’s and postgraduate courses can be pursued in English.

Scholarships in Belgium

About universities in Belgium

The Free University of Brussels was founded in 1834 but split into two to pave way for a more efficient learning environment. The schools are both highly ranked, with ULB being French-speaking and VUB predominantly Dutch; together they make up 20% of international students who enroll at either one or both universities each year!

Most student reviews of studying in Belgium focus on the topic of city life and culture in the country, which is seen as very positive. The quality of city life is more appreciated by international students in Belgium than in many other European destinations.

The social life and international atmosphere supported by the three national languages (French, Dutch, and German) as well as English play a very important role in terms of student satisfaction.

The accepting, tolerant population is one of the main reasons large numbers of international students recommend the option to study in Belgium. Belgian cities provide many cultural attractions, as well as places of entertainment and vibrant nightlife. Students find it easy to travel around the country or reach other important European cities.

“The city is the greatest place for Erasmus students! It’s small enough to go around by bike and big enough to find everything you need. You have lots of cultures there: The Plantin Moretus Museum, the Rubenshuis, the Mayer van de Bergh Museum, Fashion Museum, the MAS Photo Museum, and so on. In summer, you have the summer of Antwerp with open-air cinemas, concerts, readings, summer bars, and festivals! You can go shopping there – it’s a fashionable city with all the big names! Enough to do. I was never bored in the eight months I stayed there. They also have many pubs and so much excellent beer and chocolate. It’s amazing!” – student from Austria

Reports from students

“It’s an interesting city with cultural activities, nice monuments, and great nightlife. Students living here are involved in lots of ESN clubs or just chilling out on campus to study abroad at other universities during their semester off.” – student from Portugal
The people who live here speak both French (the official language) as well English which makes things easier for international visitors like myself! The university has high academic standards making it perfect if you’re looking into studying there since most classes aren’t too crowded so I can improve either French or English depending on what interests me more that particular day

A significant number of those reviewing the experience of studying in Belgium are also satisfied with the diverse international study programs offered at Belgian universities, and the quality of courses is rated around the European average. Students mention that the open attitudes of the teachers, as well as excellent facilities and courses, have helped their personal and professional development.

Report from a student

“As a student, I have all the necessary circumstances (open-minded and helpful professors, huge libraries, student discounts, great student organizations) to do my best and became a professional in my study area.” – student from Hungary.

List of scholarships for international students in Belgium

Government of Flanders Master Mind Scholarships for International Students

Host institution: Government of Flanders
Masters Degree
Deadline: varies (annual)
Study in: Belgium
Course starts 2021

VLIR-UOS Training and Masters Scholarships in Belgium

Host institution:  VLIR-UOS
Training/Masters Degree
Deadline: Varies (annual)
Study in: Belgium
Course starts 2021

Contest Scholarship Programme for International Students 2022

KAS is proud to announce our 2022 Scholarship Programme! Our goal is to provide financial assistance and mentorship to students without the necessary means who demonstrate alignment with our values and want to further their education…

Scrintal 2021 Scholarship Programme

At Scrintal, we are motivated to give back to society. With this aim, we started the Scrintal 2021 Scholarship Programme to provide motivated undergraduate students with a financial aid opportunity. The scholarship aims to support …

International Fully-Funded Scholarship

Windsor University offers an international fully funded scholarship for a master’s degree in business administration, a two-year master’s degree program MBA 48 credit hours…

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International Scholarship Student Competition 2022

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Scholarships for Faculty of Bioscience Engineering Programmes at University of Ghent

Host institution: Erasmus Mundus/VLIR-UOS
Masters Degree
Deadline: Varies (Annual)
Study in: Belgium/European Countries
The course starts September 2021

ARES Scholarships in Belgium for Developing Countries

Host institution: CUD ARES

Masters Degree/Training
Deadline: varies (annual)
Study in: Belgium
Course starts 2021

Government of Flanders Master Mind Scholarships for International Students

Host institution: Government of Flanders
Masters Degree
Deadline: varies (annual)
Study in: Belgium
Course starts 2021


If you want to study in Belgium as an international student, this is the right opportunity for you not to miss for all the scholarship listed above has a deadline.

The scholarship is open to international students who want to study in Belgium. apply now that it is open. To .know more about scholarships In Belgium Click here

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