Simple ways to maintain your Pc/phone to last long

Tips for long and lasting PC/Phone life, Simple maintenance tips

Many people found it difficult to stay long with fragile devices because it doesn’t last long in their hands.

Simple ways to maintain your Pc/phone to last long

Simple ways to maintain your Pc/phone to last long

Tips for long and lasting PC/Phone life, know more about your gadgets.

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But don’t worry below are  simple  maintenance tips for long and lasting PC/Phone

Know some Tips for long and lasting PC/Phone life first before even going to buy it in the market.

The computerized world of today, where young and old cannot do without sharp and fragile devices.

Tips for long and lasting PC/Phone life

Like mobile phones, laptops, plasma television, and others, are to handle with care.

It is important before getting devices you should read the manuals and simple ways to maintain the gadget for durability and easy access.

Consider the cost of replacement, an average individuals have at least one or two smartphones.

If the owner couldn’t take good care of it he will repair or replace them constantly.

Avoid unnecessary expenditure. You have to know the ways of maintaining your smartphones and laptops.

Below are some Tips for long and lasting PC/Phone life


always remember that blotches and dirt’s are the easiest and simple ways of getting the devices into trouble

Make sure that your hands are clean. get a clean handkerchief clean the keyboard, the screen, mouse, and other parts of the laptop, desktop, and other devices.

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Have the knowledge that dirt can get in the keyboard and causes it to be hard on the press.

Yes as most of the time you press the keyboard of your devices two, three, or multiple times before it responds, the major cause is dirt.

It is important to know that you cannot just clean it once, No! The cleaning should be done regularly.


the openings on phones and laptop devices have a very important function.

Many people think that the openings on the devices are just for beautification.

It is not for beautification they are the air vents that let out air from the device some are opened for a sound outlet, others for USB  connection.

Understand that on blocking the air vents, there will be no way the processor fan will let out the air.

In other to cool the processor once it gets overheat the openings must be open.

There could be serious consequences on blocking the air vents.

For example, the laptop or desktop gets hot and shut down unexpectedly.

Sometimes the operating system crashes.

If your operating system crashes you will need to reload or install new windows.

this can cause you to lose your files or data. Do well to notice and keep it open.


As you plan to buy a phone or laptop consider buying the phone porch or laptop skin, for protecting the external part of the device.

It is not over emphasis that the phone pack is really important.

A phone can slip off the hand at any time and if there’s a screen guard and the park it will protect it from breaking instantly.

The Case protects the phone from a slight fall.

Consider getting an external mouse.

In laptops, the external mouse assists the internal mouse.  Use of the external mouse often than the internal one so as not to rough the interface of the mouse pad.


It is not everywhere that is conducive for the devices.

A place like a kitchen is not a place for operating laptops and phones.

A splash of water from vegetables or tea can ruin the keyboard.

consider the operating environment.

An unconducive environment can incur different problems to the device, without you noticing.

For example, don’t keep the laptop the laptop hard drive close to the magnet.

Remember there is a magnet inside the hard drive in between two platters, now consider what happens if you place another external magnet close to the Hard drive that is on function.

There will be attraction and distraction. Sometimes the system hangs or shuts down unexpectedly. So to avoid this know the environment in which you operate the devices.

More Tips for long and lasting PC/Phone life

Proper shutdown:

what will take one minute can also lead to a complete operating system crash-down.

Many people normally don’t shut down their windows according to the operating system shutdowns button, they prefer to force shut down the device by holding down the power button in till it shutdown.

It is wrong holding down the power button can only be used by emergency and no always else it will spoil the OS many people also prefer sleeping the device instead of proper shutdown. This one has it problem if it is not managed in the right way.

Hibernate the system if you desire a pause or a little break just to enable a quick start-up.

But shut it down completely when you are done with your work and not sleeping,  Sleeping in the system always ruins the life of the Battery,

Because the Battery is what keeps the system in function even it’s in a sleep mood so when the Battery is down it will still be consuming the power of the battery until it drains it completely thereby causing it to be hard before it picks charging. And if it continues the life of the Battery is at risk

Password your device:

It is very important to password your phones and laptops. Leaving your phone in the office just to pick somethings outside someone may just pick the phone and go through your information that you don’t want to escalate.

Even at home, most of the time children meddle with the costly gadgets they try to operate the device even when they don’t have the knowledge of the operation, the children can delete or wipe the entire information on the device unknowingly so avoid this type of story.

You have to put the key on the device, the passed has to be strongly encrypted your password should contain at least eight characters which also contain both letters and numbers including symbols.

Do not use your username for it can easily be gazed therefore make your password to be highly encrypted.

Anti virus:

Install an updated antivirus in your phone and laptops for software security. One of the keys to long-lasting devices is to make sure your device is protected by an antivirus app.

You can choose one of the best defenders Like Avast, Norton, or Kaspersky antivirus, it protects your device from malware.

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Some of these antiviruses have anti-theft which helps you to find your phone once it is stolen, this anti-theft send messages to any number used in setting it up thereby letting you know the line that is in the phone.

summary: it is important you know all the maintenance tips for  your device

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