Visa Sponsorship to Study, Work & Citizenship in Switzerland

Migrating to Switzerland is not an easy feat. It’s a country with strict visa requirements that can be difficult to navigate, especially for someone who doesn’t speak German or French.

The good news is that it’s possible – and with the right information, you can move there without too much hassle!

Visa Sponsorship to Study, Work & Citizenship in Switzerland

If you’re considering moving to Switzerland, this blog post has all the info you need about how to get a Swiss Visa so read on!

What is a Swiss visa and how does it work:

A Swiss visa is a document that allows you to enter and exit Switzerland for a certain period of time. There are many types of Swiss visas, but they all serve the same purpose – allowing foreigners entry into Switzerland.

How to apply for a Swiss Visa

You can apply for a Swiss visa yourself, but you will need to hire a Swiss visa agency. These agencies are accredited by the government and can help you navigate the process of applying for your visa quickly and easily.

The application process is long – it usually takes about three months or longer just to get an appointment with an embassy in order to apply! If you do choose this route, make sure to do your homework and hire an agency that has a good reputation.

Where do you get an application form:

You can get a Swiss Visa application form from the Swiss embassy in your country. Once you have completed and submitted it, they will inform you via email of any further steps needed to process your application.

When can I submit my application?

You can submit your Swiss Visa application during any weekday from Monday through Friday, but you must submit your application at least two weeks before the date of travel.

If you are applying for a Swiss visa that is less than three months long, then it’s possible to get an appointment with an embassy within about one week.

You can also apply online – this will save time and guarantee you an appointment within 48 hours.

What are the requirements for applying for a Swiss Visa

The requirement for a Swiss visa includes:

-A completed application form

-Two passport photos for each applicant (usually)

-Proof of travel and accommodations like hotel reservations, return tickets to your home country or other proof. You can also include a letter from someone in Switzerland inviting you over as well as contact details if it’s an employment visa. This will help show that you have a place to stay and some sort of income.

-Proof of financial stability like bank statements, proof that you can support yourself or your family for at least the next six months (for non-EU/EFTA citizens) as well as more if it’s an employment visa. For example, if you’re single but will be supporting your family, you will need to prove that you can support them for at least six months.

-Proof of travel insurance in the amount of $ 30 000 (or any other number decided by your embassy) which covers medical emergencies and repatriation back home. And most of the other requirements

How long will it take before I receive my visa

Once the embassy has received your application they will begin processing it which can take up to three months. It may seem like a long time, but in most cases, it’s faster than going through a Swiss visa agency!

Sponsorship to Study Switzerland

If you belong to those that want to work, study or live in the country then this is the right place for you. In this blog post, we are going to show you all the opportunity that is available in the country.

If you don’t have enough money to travel to the country.  Don’t worry in this blog post we will show you some of the sponsorship programs which can take you to the country.

Many countries, especially Switzerland require information on visa applicants Or students who are not working or paying for their travel expenses.

People covering the expenses are, therefore, called a sponsor.

If you’re thinking of going abroad but if you’re not an employee on payroll, pensioner, or farmer, you’re going to need a sponsor.

Visa Sponsorship is a set of documents that states and guarantees working status and job profile within the United States.

Ideally, if you are looking to relocate to Switzerland you would need to find a job. And the employer, in turn, has to be willing to hire a non-resident employee for the particular job profile.

In other words, the employer would be aware of the fact that you are not a Legal Permanent Resident or a Switzerland citizen.

The effect, they would have to guarantee to the Switzerland Visa department that you are about to be a legal working resident with a certain threshold salary.

This process is called Visa Sponsorship, where the company agrees to sponsor you and submit documents to the Switzerland Visa agency.

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You need visa sponsorship if you, don’t have enough finance, to travel to the country.

This means that if your bank account does not have the amount requested for the last three months, you will need a sponsor. However, the process of getting a Schengen visa is not an easy cake.

You will have to gather a lot of documents, many of which you may already have

Mistakes, since sometimes just a little thing may result in the rejection of your application.

However, don’t worry about this because we have written down everything you need when applying for a Schengen visa.

Among other documents, you may as well have to submit a Sponsorship Letter.  Especially if somebody else is going to financially fund your travel and stay in the Schengen Area. In absence of your personal means of subsistence.

This article explains shortly, but clearly, everything you need to know about a Sponsorship Letter for a Schengen visa, giving you all of the information on how to write one,

what documents you should submit alongside it, and where to submit it.

How to get a sponsor license

Check your business is eligible.

Check if your job is suitable for sponsorship.

Choose the type of license you want to apply for – this will depend on what type of worker you want to sponsor.

Decide who will manage sponsorship within your business.

Apply online and pay the fee.

Visa Sponsorship Letters

Contrary to popular belief, Visa sponsorship is not exactly a letter.

There are documents that are submitted by the employer sponsoring the Visa to the Switzerland Government.

When they open up a job post and look for applications in that sphere from foreign nationals, they exhibit their willingness to hire somebody from outside the country.

In effect, they produce a job offer for the potential employee and then send supporting documents to the Switzerland Citizen and Immigration Services.

This document contains several forms and other files that relate to the employee’s recruitment details and justify the company’s need to hire a non-Switzerland citizen.

These documents also include statements where the company ensures that they are willingly going through this recruitment.

This set of documents is called the Visa Sponsorship Letters.

Non-Immigrant Sponsorship

Non-immigrant sponsorships are only used for a temporary basis where the individual cannot ultimately become a Switzerland citizen.

This is valid for individuals who are only temporarily moving to the country.

This means Non-immigrant visa holders are not eligible for Green Cards, indicating that the Visa does not qualify for Switzerland citizenship later.

If the job requires you to travel for a short period of time only, this would be the ideal Visa sponsorship for you.

However, this means that you would require an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) to work in Switzerland.

While there are a number of different non-immigrant Visas, the following require sponsorship from an employer.

Work Visa Sponsorship

Employer Visa sponsorship also comes in handy for immigrant Visa or Green Cards.

For individuals who hold Immigrant Visa Sponsorship, they do not require a separate Employment Authorization Document (EAD) to work in the country.

With this Visa, not only can you live in Switzerland, but also become a Legal Permanent Resident.

How To Get A Sponsorship Letter?

Getting a sponsorship letter is a long and detailed process. More often than not, the employer hires a lawyer to take care of the process.

Documentation and justification should be accurate.

Steps to follow :

The first step requires the employee to get an offer from a Switzerland employer.

This also includes the contract that goes into the sponsorship documents.
For a non-immigrant Visa,

A Labor Certification has to be produced to the Department of Labor, stating that the employer could not find a suitable potential employee within the country.

This set of documentation includes contracts, itineraries, qualifications of the individual, and the likes.

With the submission of all the necessary documents, the Visa process processes the Visa sponsorship application.

This takes some time, depending upon the total number of pending cases with the visa process.

The application is processed within a month.

If the application is approved and the report is positive, both the employer and employee will be informed about the same.

At this point in time, the employee can start the actual Visa application process in their home country, with the Switzerland Embassy.

In the situation that the application is rejected, again, the employer and employee are informed accordingly.

This also includes the reason for the rejection, which could be the lack of employee qualification or inadequate documentation.


There are a lot of opportunities for international citizens who want to travel to the country for work, study, or any other activity in the country.  As an international city that wants to live and work in a foreign country.

You can do that under a private sponsorship program in the country. Just try to follow them up and get all the available information m that they have to offer.

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