Ways To Live a Happy Life

Ways To Live a Happy Life, The whole struggle about this life we are living is just t have a happy life. Many people have lived all their lives searching for a happy life. But the paradox is that according to a German philosopher Fredrick Nietzsche,

Ways To Live a Happy Life

” Happiness is like a woman if you go in search of it then you will live forever chasing it and it will keep running, but if you go after your work then on its own it will come”.

More than a thousand and one people chase happiness today, especially the young ones, but in the end, found out that they are only temporarily happy. Before we delve into the ways to live a happy life let’s understand what happiness is.

Ways To Live a Happy Life

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What is happiness?

Happiness is a state characterized by feelings of joy, satisfaction, contentment, and fulfillment. it is the feeling of fullness, without fear of the known or the unknown. there are many other ways to define happiness, it is a broadly defined term, the way a scientist define happiness may not be the way a socialist will define it, the same goes to psychologist, politician, mathematician, and a whole lot of others. But there IS always a relation in the definition, it all lies in the state of the mind.

Ways to live a happy a happy life

While some people just tend to be naturally happier, there are things that you can do to cultivate your sense of happiness.

*    Balance your emotion

Everyone experiences both positive and negative emotions, feelings, and moods. Happiness is generally linked to experiencing more positive feelings than negative. try not to fell negative for a long time, once once someone upset you forgive the person or go out from the person and make sure you have forgiven him or her before coming back, because if you feel negative always you cannot be happy. Not only that you are not happy with the person tat have wronged you, all others around you will not be comfortable if you are not comfortable. one unhappy fellow in the midst of twelve happy fellows can ruin almost the happiness of the rest.


This relates to how satisfied you feel with different areas of your life including your relationships, work, achievements, and other things that you consider important. this is one of the critical area in the principle of happiness.
You may not be fully happy if you don’t feel satisfied. learn to be contented with the little ones you have, you may not have the whole world but if you are okay with the once you have, it will seem as if you have the whole world.

  Be optimistic

When you find yourself stuck in a pessimistic outlook or experiencing negativity, look for ways that you can reframe your thoughts in a more positive way. a thousand and one persons pay more attention to negative things than positive ones once

and once you start thinking negative things you immediately see that you are not happy, try to have the feeling of positivity always.
The problem is that many people doesn’t know how to be, or feel positive especial when negative things happen to them.
Now consider the brief principle on hoe you can handle negative vibes once they come around.
If  a negative thing happen to you, or an unexpected failure comes to your situation maybe someone died, business collapses, heartbreak, etc. the best thing to do is to get stronger. a German philosopher Fredrich  Nietzsche says ” what doesn’t kill a man makes him stronger” and that is the truth.
change the negativity to positivity, by saying you wouldn’t have it the other way round, it is perfect for me to be better, and stronger in this world.
You could also change the negative vibes by ascribing the situation as the will of fate. or the will of God, or Allah. because you know he always have the best for you.

Live in the moment

This has always been the case. Thinking of how you have spent money, how you have wasted time, how you have talked, you behave towards someone yesterday or before your present, how you have to pay bills, take kids to school, how to take care of your family, how you have to run for a trip, etc.

Don’t fall into this trap anytime you want to enjoy yourself. Try as much s possible to be at your present deals. Put your full mind on it and don’t let anything distract you. Learn how to forget your past, don’t think of the past think of the present condition. live in the moment and don’t be mindless. It is one of the characteristics of positive people, they know how to forget their worries.

  Your Goals

Achieving goals that you are intrinsically motivated to pursue, particularly ones that are focused on personal growth and community, can help boost happiness.

 Research suggests that pursuing these types of intrinsically-motivated goals can increase happiness more than pursuing extrinsic goals like gaining money or status
In the summary of this that , you should not always go for happiness, you should pursue your goals, because if you pursue happiness, it will never come but if you pursue your goal, and achieve it immediately the happiness will on its own come.


Know what to value,

Money may not be able to buy happiness, but there is research that spending money on things like experiences can make you happier than spending it on material possessions.


One study, for example, found that spending money on things that buy time—such as spending money on time-saving services—can increase happiness and life satisfaction.


Rather than overvaluing things such as money, status, or material possessions, pursuing goals that result in more free time or enjoyable experiences may have a higher happiness reward.

Also, you can value things like knowledge, wisdom, or things you know that someone cannot collect from you, then you are a happy person.

Social Support

If you want to be really happy don’t keep your trust in public opinion. you have to understand that the public are not having the same experience yo have in that your particular situation. find a positive way out of any ugly situation you found yourself.
if you you put your trust in other people you will be always disappointed. And this brings unhappiness. Having just a few very close and trusted friends will have a greater impact on your overall happiness than having many casual acquaintances.

Help other People

Most of the time your happiness doesn’t last long if the people around you are not happy. you should make others feel happier. by spending more time with them, spend money on others, give things to others. Many people are only happy when others are happy at the same time. it looks odd when you are the only one happy in the room.


Go outside more often

You have to make time to go out with friends. don’t always be indoor. on going out there you see many things, you get more light. when you spend more time with others, you will find out that there are common feelings  you share together with others, that you are not the only one on the situation. it give you positive mood. it must not be a whole lot of time twenty or thirty minutes i enough.

Ways To Live a Happy Life

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To be happy one must not have everything before, Very little is needed to make a happy life.

It is all about the decision you take. You can decide to change today and become a happy man or woman, even without all the money in this world, you can still be happy.

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