Work Permit for China

WE will guide you in this post on how you can get a work permit to china. Working in China is such an amazing opportunity, which many people around the world dream of.

Work Permit for China

Work Permit to China

in this blog post, we give a guide to a successful work permit in China, starting from the beginning to end.

everything you need to know about work visas. we also let you about some employment opportunities in China at the same time available jobs in china.

As a foreigner, to work in china you must have a work permit or an employment license.

The visa determines what your aim is about when going to China.

Before going to China you need to understand the type of Visa you want and make sure you fully understand the visa type,

the requirements, and all the documents required for the application.

As part of the Chinese visa application process, ex-pats on a Z visa will need a medical exam and an official employment license.

While China doesn’t operate an immigration point system as such, you’ll need to be classed as a “foreign expert” and in-demand skills are looked upon favorably.

Work Permit to China and Employment visa

understand the visa type before applying to study, work or live in china.  the information is contained below:

  • Z – visa for workers (staying in China for longer than six months)
  • X1/2 – visa for students (X1 if you are staying for longer than 180 days, X2 if your chosen period is less than that)
  • J1/2 – visa for foreign journalists (J1 if you are staying for longer than 180 days, J2 if your chosen period is less than that)

before applying for any form of visa you need to know  the requirements, the information is contained below :

Requirement document for Chinese visa

The usual Chinese work visa requirements include the

  • Chinese work permit visa application form
  • passport, and photograph,
  • an official letter of invitation
  • a health certificate covering a recent medical exam
  • an official employment license from the Chinese authorities

The regulations may vary slightly for special sub-categories of foreign staff, e.g. NGO workers,

people employed in the offshore petroleum industry, and several other options.

For the employment license, you need to have a status as a “foreign expert” with special qualifications

, e.g. as an EFL-teaching native speaker with a B.Ed., or a contract from a company officially accredited to employ foreign nationals. Fulfilling these visa requirements will help your future employer obtain the employment license for you. Connect  with people in China 

Work Permit to China visa types

there are different forms of Work Permit to China you can obtain when traveling to China it all depends on the mission.

so once you identify your mission then proceed to choose any type of visa form that suits your journey the information is contained below:

  • M – business visa(duration of stay 30-60 days);
  • F – visa for exchange, visits, study tours (duration of stay 30-90 days)
  • S1/2 – visa for individuals visiting non-resident family in China (duration of stay: S1 – more than 180 days, S2 – up to 180 days)
  • Q1/2 – visa for individuals visiting resident or the native family in China (duration of stay: Q1 – more than 180 days, Q2 – up to 180 days)

procedure to getting Chinese temporary Residence permit

Work Permit to China, Holders of long-term visas (Z, D, X1, S1, J1, Q1) also need to acquire a temporary Chinese Residence Permit within 30 days of their arrival in China.

Keep in mind that even though your visa might allow you to stay in the country for more than 6 months, it will not be valid if you don’t take this step.

In order to do so, head to your nearest Exit-Entry Administration Service Center of the PSB and take along the following:

  • your passport (including your visa),
  • the registration form of your Temporary Residence (see above),
  • a filled-out Foreigner’s Visa and Resident Permit Application Form,
  • a passport photograph,
  • your official Health Certificate (issued by the Health & Quarantine Bureau), and
  • any supporting documents which were previously needed for your visa application (e.g. your employment contract, marriage certificate, etc.). For these types of

Necessary document for a Chinese visa application

Work Permit to Chin,  the document you must have in other to have a successful visa application to china are the following :

  • your passport with blank visa pages and at least six more months of validity,
  • a filled-out visa application form (to be found online on the website of your respective
  • Visa Application Service Center Chinese embassy),
  • a recent passport photo, and
  • a copy of any previous Chinese visas (if not in current passport).
    Please keep in mind that further requirements for specific visas may apply.

How to Get Permanent Residency in China

To meet the requirements for the Chinese permanent residence visa, sometimes called the Chinese Green Card, the possible resident has to be:

  • a spouse of a Chinese citizen or a permanent resident for five or more years;
  • a child under the age of 18 that came to China to live with their parents;
  • an investor with a stable, three-year-long investment in China’s market;
  • a high-profile employee that has worked in China for four years or more;
  • an outstanding alien with a record of major contributions to China
  • a dependent who is over 60 years old and comes to China to live with their relatives.
  • In addition to one of the above-mentioned Chinese visa requirements, an individual
  • also has to stay in the country for 3 to 5 years (at least nine months per year),
  • depending on their qualifying clause. The visa is valid for five years for children under 18-years-old and ten years for adults.

Download a PDF file 

Required Documents when Applying for Permanent Residency

The documents you need to present when filing China’s permanent residence application:

  • a health certificate
  • proof of no criminal record
  • a valid ID
  • two passport photos

Work Permit to China, The fees for the application of Chinese permanent resident amount to 1,800 CNY.

The benefits of becoming a permanent resident in China include possibilities of changing jobs and the right to invite your other family members to visit or reside in the country. That means that after the process of getting permanent residence in China your spouse and your family will be able to get Q type visa.

The available jobs in China are the following:

  • copywriter
  • social media manager
  • Russia and English teacher
  • working from home, teaching the English language online
  • supplier management
  •  public university accounting lecturer
  • University general education lecturer
  • summer cramp  teacher
  • AP Language and English teacher
  • high school biology teacher
  •  high school physics teacher
  •  marketing coordinator
  •  Intern in marketing
  • marketing Assistance
  • high school Virtual art teacher

And many more jobs opportunity in the country, the list above is just a few of the available jobs, you can search for more available jobs by using the search button.

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